REVIEW: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Ultra Sunblock SPF 100.


Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Ultra Sunblock SPF 100.

According to Lotus Herbals,

SAFE SUN ANTI-AGEING ANTI TAN ULTRA SUN BLOCK SPF 100+ is a revolutionary, preservative free sun block that offers the highest protection against UVA and UVB rays. It blocks all damaging effects of UV rays to skin, shields collagen to reduce the chances of premature ageing and delays skin tanning process.


  • SOY PROTEIN – It increases the elasticity and thickness of your skin, as it stimulates collagen and helps slow the early onset of wrinkles.
  • THYME – It is a great antioxidant and helps to improve skin tone and providing good astringent qualities. It is also a powerful antifungal and antiviral agent.
  • LICORICE – It helps in treating stretch marks, acne, brown spots, and freckles and gives whitening and lightening effect to the skin.

Price: INR745 for 30ml.

Available at Lotus counters and Lotus Herbals site.

My experience:

I am someone who is generally too lazy to use sunscreen. Thankfully I do not tan very quickly but still the sun does take a toll on my skin and gives me redness, rashes, allergies etc.

Today I’m reviewing a sunscreen with SPF 100 which has a lot of benefits to offer and I actually used it religiously so that I could see if it’s any good!

Let’s find out!


The Lotus Sunblock SPF 100 comes in an orange coloured outer cardboard carton. The carton has details of the product.

The sunblock bottle is a small bottle with a pump! I absolutely adore things that come in a pump bottle, so packaging wise it has full marks from me 😛 the bottle feels very lightweight and is very convenient to use and travel friendly too. The plastic cap on it is sturdy and shuts tightly.



The pump is very smooth to operate and dispenses the product easily. It’s a vacuum pump so you need to press it 3-4 times to get the product out only the first time. The bottle is very thoughtfully designed I must say.


The sunblock is slightly tinted. Its texture is liquid-y but not runny. I personally don’t like very thick products as they get very difficult to blend on skin but this is not at all thick and very easy to blend.

It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any sort of cast or greasiness on the skin. I have used it on my face as well as on my arms and neck.




My skin is combination-oily. My T-zone gets super oily in summers and my cheeks remain normal or sometimes(rarely) a little dry. This sunblock worked really well on my skin’s normal-dry zones. I didn’t expect this at all but it moisturized them very well. But on my T-zone this felt a little heavy. It did make my nose and forehead shiny in a few hours and I couldn’t go without powdering it. But please note, right now Delhi is absolutely boiling and its terribly sweaty right now and I as it is sweat a lotttt!!!

I generally wear this by itself with powder on my face and it does even out my skin tone as it’s tinted.

The sunblock has a fruity-citrusy fragrance that’s quite pleasing. The fragrance does linger around for a few minutes after application.

After a month long usage of this, I feel it has made the normal-dry zones of my face very supple and moisturized that for me comes only after using a very good moisturizer. Also, my T-zone didn’t break out at all even though it felt heavy for the oily parts of my skin. I didn’t get any redness or allergies that I usually get after I’m out in the sun for long! So, all in all I’m happy and content with this sunscreen. It’s only con is its price and that it doesn’t really give a matte effect but then it doesn’t even claim to give that!

Overall, it’s a very good sunblock which does its job of sun protection perfectly well and also gives the effect of even complexion with its slight tint. It can be worn alone in the summers. It moisturizes well but doesn’t really mattify skin. I recommend this sunblock to everyone! 🙂


Why you’ll like it:

1)     Attractive packaging.

2)     Travel friendly, convenient pump bottle.

3)     Tinted.

4)     Nice fragrance.

5)     SPF 100!!!!

6)     Absorbed easily.

7)     Doesn’t leave a cast on face.

8)     Moisturizes dry areas well.

9)     Doesn’t cause break out.

10)Protects from sun very well.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Expensive.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:


P.S. Product sent by brand for consideration. However, all opinions expressed are my own and 100%honest.

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  1. Hi… I am using lotus spf 100 , but my skin is dry and the product is very difficult to blend on the skin, so I just wanna ask that can I use lakme peach milk moisturiser with lotus sunblock spf 100, will this effect the performance of the product.

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