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Hey 🙂

I’ve been extremely busy since a few months – taking a few crucial decisions, working on them, rethinking on them and the cycle continues; mix in all this my college final exams, college farewell, loads of emotions with college getting over… Phew!!!


With all this my skin took a toll 🙁 and yes, I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve been totally neglecting my skin since over 2 months. First I realized the CTM routine I was following last summer, isn’t working for me right now. Then I got lazy and with the busy schedule I just kept postponing creating a new schedule. And now, almost 2 months later, all the hydration and softness my winter routine had given to my skin is lost and my skin feels and looks pathetic. I have oily skin which is at its peak this summer. I wake up every morning feeling like an oil slick these days. Ughhh! When I say my skin is going through an unhealthy phase, I don’t mean I get breakouts as *touchwood* I don’t break out often, an occasional pimple or two but that’s it. What happens to my skin is that it becomes extremely rough and oilier than ever. It feels it needs hydration to get rid of the roughness but then that makes it oilier. Also, my skin looks extremely dull and drab. No life at all.

So, instant action was needed!

So, I’d been looking for a new skin care routine since more than 2 months now. But I actually took some action last week.

I consulted a lot of friends and had finally zeroed in on checking out the Clinique 3 step routine especially the Dramatically different moisturizing gel(suggested by Shouri) and the TBS seaweed range. So when I went to watch YJHD(loved it btw… Ranbir!!!! I love him 😛 ), my first purpose was to visit Clinique and TBS but when I saw the FE store near the entrance of the mall, I just thought I’ll check up some stuff for which I’d read a lot of rave reviews lately. And well, I came out of the store with a very light pocket and a content and excited smile 😀

I had made a decision to spend more money on good quality skincare if I have to and save on the makeup. Because my skin really needs it at the moment and I was almost getting hyper over my skin’s state. And I have been going chemical free for my hair and the results were very evident and so, I also wanted to look for something for my skin with the least amount of chemicals. So, that’s where FE fit the bill perfectly.

Another thing I want to mention here – The FE SAs are amazing! They are extremely helpful and helped me decide on this stuff very well. They packed my order with flower petals and some perfume. Very impressed!

I bought three products –

Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan. Price: Rs.595/-


Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Light Day Lotion. Rs.1395/-


Forest Essentials Jasmine and Patchauli Night Treatment Cream. Rs.1495/-


And I got a free sample of the newly launched Rupam Hydrating Body Milk.


On first impression, all these are great; I’ll give you all detailed reviews once I’ve used them regularly.

What’s your current skin care routine?

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