QUICK REVIEW: Nyassa Vanilla Dry fruit luxury bar.


This post has been lying in my drafts since like forever and right now, somehow I’m not getting any desire to write new reviews(hence the previous random posts) so thought I’ll post all pending reviews and then my mind might start wanting to work on newer stuff 😀

So, here it is the Nyassa Vanilla Dry Fruit Luxury Bar. I received a 40gm sample in my March Vellvette Box.

The full sized soap retails for INR 400 for 150grams.



I couldn’t find the soap on the Nyassa website so, no product claims, only sharing my experience with you all.

The outer plastic wrapper had the ingredients list and they looked quite good and I could spot very few chemicals in the list. But sadly, I’ve thrown away the wrapper and can’t share it with you!

This soap was finished up a long time back and thankfully I’d written this review long back because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to describe it well now.

The soap has a wonderful vanilla scent. I am a huge fan of all things vanilla and so I really liked the vanilla in this 🙂 the scent as a whole has major vanilla notes alongwith a nutty scent.

The fragrance really lingers in the bathroom even after the bath so that’s something I really liked 🙂

The dry fruits are actually present in the soap. You can very clearly see them. These make the soap look quite luxurious. In fact the soap looks good enough to eat to me 😛

The nuts actually don’t really do anything. They just add to the aroma and maybe to the goodness of the soap but no significant action here. They mostly just stick where they are and fall out as the soap gets smaller.

I found the soap a littlee drying. I do feel the need to follow up with a moisturizer.


The soap lathers very well and forms very creamy lather and also cleans effectively. No trouble there!

I would say the price of the soap is the major con. At 400 bucks it’s expensive, no doubt.

Overall, it’s a good soap with an amazing fragrance and a luxurious feel. It’s expensive so if you want to splurge, do try it 🙂

Have you used this soap? How was your experience? Do share in the comments below ! 🙂

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  1. i luv d fragrance of dis soap..nice review 🙂

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