My first empties post! :)


Hello everyone!!!

This is my firstttt emmpppttieeesss post!!! Eeee!!! I’ve been dying to do empties posts since ages! And now finally I am doing one! Very excited! 😀

I could never do this post previously as I just used to hoard and hoard 😛  but made it a conscious effort since the last 2 months to finish off stuff, especially bath and body products as I love trying every possible bath product in the market and that’s why I keep hoarding them 😛

This post is basically about products that I have finished recently. It’s a small number of products right now, but it’s a start and I’ll try and post it every month so we can all be encouraged to finish off our existing stuff before buying new ones! Amen!


1. L’occitane Shea Butter shampoo. I got it in my Vellvette Box last September. I only started using it in Jan-Feb this year when my hair got terribly dry and this was like a boon! I love love love how it smells! It’s such a small bottle and plus the shampoo is SLS free so it doesn’t lather much so I used to be like a miser while using it. I didn’t let my mom or sister use it and was extremely paranoid about finishing this off 😛 it worked wonders for my hair and I’ll definitely purchase it the day I can afford it. It retails for Rs.1100 for 250ml I guess.
Definite repurchase material.

2. Himalaya oil control lemon foaming face wash. I loved it! And I can’t seem to find it anywhere in stores now 🙁 I won’t be throwing away the bottle as its got an amazing pump system that I love! Will re-use the bottle definitely! It controls oil well and cleans my face really well. It also smells great. It retails for Rs.70 for 50ml I think. This can be sometimes be a little drying so it’s good only for oily skinned girls. It also comes in a non-foaming version which I didn’t like much.
But I’ve now found a better replacement for this – the lacto calamine one. And I prefer that one now.
Almost repurchase material.

3. Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It’s beyond amazing. But it’s advisable not to use it in summers and preferably only for dry skin. Once winters were almost over, I had stopped using it as this is very moisturizing though only a little was left. Last month, I took this out, and saw the oil in it had kindof separated so I got scared it might get spoilt and go waste. *horror* so, I finished it up! For complete review, go here. Although I have hardly ever repurchased the same bath product, this is something I can think about repurchasing. 😛
Definite repurchase material – only in winters & if I don’t get anything else.:P

4. Lacto Calamine deep cleansing face wash. See complete review here. After that I don’t think I need to say anything. Best and most affordable face wash ever! Retails for Rs.64 for 70ml.
Definite repurchase material.

5. Garnier BB cream. This is the 2nd tube I’ve finished. I love using it as a daily tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t give much coverage but gives an even finish to my face. I generally top it with powder in summers as it tends to make my face a little oily in summers but not too much. I guess you would say I should next buy the more economical bigger size but I have a history of starting to dislike products whose bigger size I buy 😛 so I stick to smaller sizes 😛 Retails for Rs.99 for 18g and Rs.199 for 40g. Full review here.
Definite repurchase material.

6. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. Great quality, great moisturization, amazing fragrance. Despite all this, I don’t feel it’s something unique and I prefer TBS body butters to this and it’s not something I would want to repurchase. Full review here.
Almost skipping material.

All containers, except Garnier BB cream, will be re-used by me for travelling purposes 😛

Aahh I feel so good after doing my first Empties post 😀

So, what did you empty this month?

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