How to re-use your old gel eyeliner.

Hey everyone 🙂

How’re you all? The weather in Delhi is great at the moment, it’s raining heavily 😀


Today, I’ll show you how I got a new gel eyeliner in an old tub 😀

If you read all my posts, you would probably know how much I love gel eyeliners!

I have 8 gel eyeliners at the moment and I love all of them! My first was one bought in May last year and it was the Maybelline black and silver swirl one. This January, I was just playing around with all my liners and I dropped the black and silver one!!! Can you imagine how I must have felt! 🙁 although it was old now and I had been using it very less that time, also it had become quite dry maybe due to the peak winters, but I was still very upset!

Thankfully, it survived the fall but there was a minor crack or rather dent on one side of the tub. My sister has this crazy thing in her mind and she has always wanted to mix up or swirl my gel eyeliners, even lip balms!!! And seeing this dent, she convinced me to let her swirl it up and she did it immediately with the eyeliner brush itself!!


At first I felt angry but then I tried using it and guess what, it felt amazingly creamy and smooth to use! Even creamier than when I first bought it! Believe me, it feels as creamy as MAC Fluidline. And now, it has been 6 months since this happened, and it’s still very creamy and extremely easy to use!

I am very happy I did this, since now I have such a soft liner to use as well as a different shade altogether! And you need to feel the creamy texture it has got now to believe this! it is just amazing!


But please note that when we did swirl it, it was not very hard, it did have a certain softness in it. But the best thing is that due to this swirling, it has retained that moisture for such a long time! Maybe it just got a lot of air in it, you know like whipped cream, something like that has happened to my liner I’m guessing!

So, I recommend you all to try it. If any of your gel liner has become a little hard or dry, first soften it up a bit, by keeping it in some hot water for some time. And then just take your eyeliner brush or maybe a toothpick or something and give it a good mix!!! I hope it works for you all! I don’t think you’ll be able to do this if the liner has become a total rock, but maybe you can still try after softening it!

I am going to try it with my Inglot gel eyeliner which has become very hard just after 6-7 months 🙁

Do let me know if you try this and please share the link with me if you share pics of your liner!:)

Have a happy weekend! 

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  1. I did the same thing woth my gel eyeliner but I added a couple of drops of baby oil, just 2 drops ans swirled it well, and it was as good as new.

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