Vellvette Box Review: July 2013.


I had a busy day today and when I came home I saw this parcel for me and was quite surprised to see my July Vellvette box so early. I hadn’t even seen anyone else getting it yet!


So, here are the contents of this month’s box –

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.


It’s mainly for problem nails. My nails do not have any nail problems but I would love to use this for strengthening my nails as I change my nail paint very very often and that does affect my nails I feel! It’s a full sized product and costs Rs.675/- that’s amazing, no?

Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist.


It’s a tiny sample but I guess it’ll be good while travelling. It’s a glass bottle and was very nicely wrapped in bubble wrap. The scent is nice but not great.  It’s kindof like men’s after-shave and I really like that kindof scents 😉 but this is very mild; I hope it has a good staying power!

LA Splash glitter mascara – Abyss.


I’ve never tried glitter mascara and I’m very excited about trying it. I hope it’s good 🙂 this is also a full sized product!

Bonus: Bling Nail Appliques.


These are nail stickers. I have never tried nail stickers, neither have I been tempted to try them. I like plain ol’ polish better! But would have loved to try these had the shade and design been better. I don’t like this one at all.


Overall, I really like this box but will love it once I find the stuff useful!! But yes, it’s totally worth the money spent on it!

So, what did you get in your Vellvette box this month?

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My First Vellvette box!

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