REVIEW,NOTD: Revlon Nail Art Expressionist – Silhouette.

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist.


According to Revlon,

Unleash your inner artist with expertly matched nail duos!

Price: Rs.300 for 7.68ml.

Available at all Revlon counters and stores and most online stores.

My experience:

I had been lusting after these Revlon nail art things since a few months back when I saw them on some international blogs. They looked so pretty! When they launched here, I hurried to get one of these ASAP! I got the moon candy one and it turned out to be a disaster for me, I don’t even feel like reviewing it. But I will to warn you all! But I still went ahead and bought this one next, read on to know what I think of this one!

These Revlon nail arts are basically dual ended nail polishes which you can use to create a simple nail art. The Revlon nail arts have 3 varieties – Moon Candy(it’s got one dark coloured polish on one end and a flakies polish on the other), Neon(it’s got a neon polish on one end and a white polish on the other; the white is to act as a base to make the neon pop) and Expressionist.

In this post, I’m reviewing the Expressionist one for you all. It’s got one normal nail polish at one end and the other end also has normal nail paint but the brush of the other end is different. It’s thin and pointed which you can use to make nail art.


Umm.. ok.. I had a tragedy with this thing while taking pictures of it. By mistake I dropped the shimmery side and now more than half of it is empty. I was literally crying at that moment! L I’m usually not at all a clumsy person, as in I don’t drop things or anything, I don’t understand what happened with thisL and not did I just drop the nail paint, I dropped it on my foot and while cleaning the mess my fingers also got messed up and the table too so the pictures are kindof messy so please try and ignore that!

When you use one side, I’d advise you to use it with the other side tightly closed.

The shade I have is Silhouette. It’s got a nudish beige nail paint on one end. I have a weakness for such shades and this one is absolutely gorgeous! It’s got the right amount of micro-shimmer which look great. The brush on this side is a normal brush and applies the nail paint easily. This nail paint goes opaque in 1 coat and in the swatches I’ve done 2 coats to get a more even finish though. The finish is creamy and looks good even when worn alone.


Since I have had a bad experience with Revlon scented nail paints which badly stained my nails, I wore a base coat with these and advice you to do the same!

The other end has a high-shimmer metallic champaign shade. It’s a beautiful shade. The brush on this side is thin and pointed and it makes drawing dots and lines pretty easy. The formula of this shade is quite on the runny side and I wish it were thicker but I can make do with this for now 😛


For someone like me, who’s a dud at nail art, this product is absolutely great. I am pathetic at even drawing simple lines or dots with a toothpick or any kindof nail art and yet I have managed to create some decent designs with this brush and so I’m super happy!

This comes in 4-5 shades I think, there are other really pretty combos like blue and pink and pink and gold! I want to try more of these 😀

I really love this particular combo as this can be worn to a formal event or to office easily. It looks very subtle and makes my hands look clean and well manicured and elegant. But yes this combo doesn’t really stand out as the contrast between the shades is not too high, but I guess it’s not meant to stand out. This is more like a subtle nail art!

This did not wear off or chip for 4-5 days easily.

I as I said before, am very bad at nail art and so this is my feeble attempt at nail art!





I’m loving the middle finger one; would probably do that for all fingers next time 😀

I’m thinking of trying the black and white combo next! 😀

Overall, I find this a great option for nail art beginners and experts alike! It’s an innovative product that really performs well. It’s priced reasonably and the quality is good! I recommend this to everyone 🙂 its worth a try definitely!

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Easy to use.

2)     Affordable.

3)     Very handy for quick nail art.

4)     Good colour combos.

5)     Good quality.

6)     Stays for 4-5 days perfectly.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     The champaign shade should have been thicker.

2)     The contrast between shades could have been more.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:

9/10 – for this shade particularly!


Have you tried any of these? How do you like it?

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