July Empties!

Hey everyone 🙂


How’s your week going?

I honestly am in a daze, can’t believe its August already!!! This year has gone by so fast, OMG!!!

Well, I’m here with you to show you what all I finished in July!

I really love doing these empties posts and the whole month I keep reminding myself to use up stuff so I can post them 😛 these posts are such an inspiration, seriously! Because otherwise, I know I would just keep buying new stuff and not finish the existing ones!

So, today I am showing you the 8 products I finished this month!


1. Maybelline makeup remover. This costs Rs.210 I think. I have gone through quite a lot of bottles of this since last year when I discovered this! I love this thing and I hardly even try any other remover! But this time I’ve bought the Lakme bi-phase one! I’ll update you on how I like it 🙂

Definite repurchase material.

 2. Sephora smoothing body scrub in strawberry. It costs Rs.480. it’s a very good scrub and I have enjoyed using it a lot. My biggest problem with this is the tube, not at all travel friendly and the cap doesn’t shut tightly! I don’t know if I’ll repurchase this, might do so in some other flavor. It’s a good product but I generally do not repurchase bath products. Full review here.

Almost  repurchase material.

3. Fabindia Bitter Orange Facial Spray. I had bought this about an year back for around Rs.150. I love love love the fragrance and its very refreshing to use in summers but I’m not such a face mist kindof person and I finished this up with a lot of difficulty! Almost forced myself and my family members to use this up 😛 I will definitely be using the bottle to store perfumes for travel purposes! Full review here.

Definite skipping material.

4. Fabindia Rose Water. I think this is also for Rs.150. I use this too much. I already have a back up for this. I seriously can’t live without rose water and I feel Fabindia’s is the best! I use it a lot!!!

Definite repurchase material.

5. Lakme cleanup face scrub strawberry. Rs.99 for 50grams. I loved using this! Although I never use these kindof commercial chemical-y face products but I’m unable to stay away from this! Though I’ve recently got the green tea one but I’m not liking it as much as this as of now! More than anything I love how it feels on my skin! I miss you baby! Don’t worry I’ll get you home soon! Buying this asap!!! Full review here.

Definite repurchase material.

6. The Body Shop Olive Scrub. I LOVE THIS! And I’m surely going to purchase this or a different flavour super soon! Priced at Rs.995 for 200ml, its expensive for sure but I can’t live without this stuff! It’s worth the price! Full review here. Also mentioned here

Definite repurchase material.

7. Original source Vanilla milk and raspberry shower gel. Rs.195 for 250ml. This is very old and only a little was remaining and I quickly finished this up. The best part about this is the awesome scent. But to be honest I got bored of the scent and didn’t feel like using it any more. But I do recommend you to try it. Even the bottle is not re-usable I feel. Full review here.

Definite skipping material.

8. Soap & Glory Clean on me shower gel. A very good body wash. I love the scent. And it’s very moisturizing. I did enjoy using it a lot. But most probably won’t repurchase as I said before I do not like buying same products often unless they’re like.. Phenomenal! Full review here.

Definite skipping material.

So, that’s it guys! I hope I can be back next month with even more empty stuff to show you! And hopefully some makeup product too!

P.S. hey guys! When I write definite skipping etc, I mean that only for myself! It doesn’t mean the product is bad unless I say that clearly. It’s just that I want to try new stuff and not buy the same thing again! So it doesn’t mean I do not recommend buying it. Do read full reviews too for more info 🙂

See you soon ! 😀

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  1. Nice post poo .. I’m thinking of getting MAC make-up remover but its quite expensive for daily use – I think I might give the maybelline one now 😉

    I love the Sephora body scrub 😉 – Strawberry – Yum 😉

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