OS Update – Do you love Accessorize? Now shop for it online!

Hey everyone!


I’m back with the latest OS update! I love online-window-shopping and love finding new stuff and hence I’m able to bring you such posts! Hope you like them 🙂

I’m a huge huge fan of Accessorize! I can never pass by the store without going inside. Aren’t their stores exceptionally pretty? Aahh I love Accessorize <3

So, are you an Accessorize loyalist too? Or maybe an Accessorize virgin who doesn’t have a store nearby? Well, then head to Myntra.com!


Yes, they have stocked in a lot of Accessorize jewellery, bags etc!

They even have the ‘girls’ collection, which is for kids and the normal collection with all the gorgeous jewellery! They also have the bags and the hair accessories.

So here’s the link and now you can all head over and start shopping 😀



I usually only shop at Accessorize during their sales as they have 70% on a lot of stuff. But this time I bought nothing in the sale, lot of the stuff I already had or didn’t like L and so, when I came across this at Myntra, I hurried to place my order with them 😛 will show you pics when I get them! I generally post such pics on facebook/twitter/instagram so do follow me there 🙂

By the way, I have quite a good sized collection of Accessorize stuff. Do you want me to show you all of it in a post?

P.S. I’m not being paid or asked to write this post by any brand. Just writing what I came across.

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