On My Nails ~ ‘Bling’y Leopard print.

Hello everyone!


Those are nail stickers on my nails in the picture. I can never do any nail art like that on my own 😛

This is the first time I’ve tried nail art stickers. I got them in my July Vellvette Box here.

These are Bling nail appliqués. They’re priced at Rs.150 for 18 stickers.


I did not like the design at all but I still went ahead and tried them for the experience of trying these stickers.

But, I think they do not look so bad on the nails. Mainly because the base is transparent.

How I applied them?

I applied a clear polish as base.

Selected the stickers which were closest to the size of my real nails. Which was a tough job I must say because my nails in general are quite small in size. Not the length(that’s short due to my preference) but the width. And these stickers were all quite broad.

Next I peeled them off from their sheet. This too was weird as the stickers are very thin and tear off very quickly. I tore off 2 of these while taking them out. Maybe this happened because I’ve never used such a thing before.

Then I placed them on my nail.

I folded the excess over the edges and then with a filer, I filed the edges to take off the excess sticker.

That’s it.

I did not really like the whole experience.

For one, as I mentioned above the size of the stickers did not suit me.

Then the tearing off. They kept tearing off even while on my nails. I think they came out so quick mostly because they kept tearing off from the edges. I wore them for 2 days, by then all of them had come off from the edges. And what remained, I had to scrape off! 🙁

Maybe it doesn’t look like that in the pictures, but the edges of these were very very uneven. They kept standing up from the edges.

One good thing, they did not get affected a lot by water.




So, overall I would say the idea of nail stickers isn’t bad! You get an instant nail art manicure without waiting for it to dry or anything. But the size problem and the way these didn’t sit properly on my nails will make me stay away from these particular ones. I might try some from any other brand later. Also, these are preferable only for a day or two. As they won’t last longer than that! They would look great for a party or some event 🙂

Have you tried these? Or any nail stickers? Do you like them? Do share your views in the comments  🙂

12 thoughts on “On My Nails ~ ‘Bling’y Leopard print.

  1. When you revealed your Velvette box – I was eyeing you to flaunt this cute stickers on your nail .. Trust me – They look super cute & very pretty on your nails <3

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