On My Nails ~ Minty Crackle.

Hey everyone!

I love mints and I love Cadbury Crackle. It’s my all time favourite chocolate!! I would love to have a minty crackle – crackle with a mint flavor!! Yummm… !!! <3


But this post is not about the edible minty crackle! It’s about what’s on my nails at the moment! Besides food, I also love mint and crackle in nail paints right now! I know I know you’d probably laugh at me, the crackle trend is almost gone now! But well, I don’t know why I never tried any crackle earlier! But now that I have, I am loving it! 😀

I got this crackle nail paint by Deborah Milano; it’s called Deborah Milano Pret a porter crackling top coat in shade #02 and it comes in 4-5 shades I think. Not many brands in India do a crackle polish and I’m so glad about these Deborah ones and they’re very reasonable! They retail for Rs.175. I am thinking of getting their hot pink shade next, what say?! Or the beige one?


I have paired the crackle nail paint with Colorbar Exclusive #15 which is a cult favourite with me! It’s a very pretty shade and I had got it long back, I don’t remember for how much I got it!


This crackle is a black paint with multi coloured micro glitter. It looks very pretty in the bottle. And equally so on nails! It dries very quickly, say 10seconds. It has a kindof matte finish which I really like!



I have used a top coat only in this image –


The crackle polish if of very good quality and highly recommended if you want to try without spending a bomb!



So, how did you like it? Which crackle polishes have you tried? Do share your views in the comments below 🙂

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