Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel Review.


I apologize to you all a lot for being absent for so long! I don’t know why I’m just having a lot of problems adjusting and managing my time and all my work here! I’m just in between a mess 🙁

I did not buy a single thing the whole of October and most of September. Like seriously, not a single makeup or bath/body/hair product. Just a few clothes necessary for the harsh winters here that’s it! Can you believe it? I can’t 😮 but its true!

And now november being the Thanksgiving month and such such heavy sales everywhere I had to buy stuff and so I hauled a little. And to be honest, I’m feeling proud of myself for resisting for so long and the feeling of finally hauling was awesome. Plus, I have bought the stuff at AMAZING prices! I will do a haul post soon, once my last order of November is delivered next week! You’re gonna love the haul 😀

The first haul of November was a Bath & Body Works haul. They were selling all shower gels and a few lotions at the amazing price of $4 each and I couldn’t resist and bought 1 body lotion and 3 shower gels(all are not for myself but for gifting purposes). I’ll talk about the haul later, this product that I’m reviewing today is one of the stuff I bought.



It’s the Vanilla Bean Noel shower gel. Vanilla bean noel is their holiday special LE range. I had no idea about the fragrance when I bought it but I love vanilla so decided to go ahead with it. And let me tell you, I’m loving it!

The shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a plastic shiny press open kindof top. It’s sturdy and easy to use. The dispenser dispenses the shower gel in right quantities.


The shower gel is green in color just the color you can see in pictures, that’s exactly how it is. It’s a runny gel like consistency and it lathers very well. You don’t need to use a large quantity of this to get good lather.

It makes the water green, lol. I’m serious, after my shower the water that I see running down the tub is green in color 😛


Talking about the fragrance, BBW on its website describes the fragrance like this – A merry blend of snow white vanilla, warm caramel and whipped cream, sprinkled with holiday sugar cookies and kissed with soft musk

Top Notes: Natural Vanilla, Sweet Buttery

Mid Notes: Caramel, Benzoin, Hint of Chocolate

Dry Notes: Soft Musk, Sugar Cookie

Frankly, their description is just perfect. The shower gel smells completely of cakes and cookies with lots of sweet caramel and vanilla. It really feels like you are sniffing at melting butter cookies and caramel!


I think the fragrance is overly sweet and many people will not like it. But I’m loving it a lot but I do think that this is not a fragrance everyone will like because of being too sweet, you must try it in the store before buying it or you might end up hating it.

Also, I think it’s a good thing that the fragrance is not the in-your-nose kindof strong. You get a good dose of it when you sniff at it directly or when you take a bath you get the full grasp of it but even then it’s not an extremely strong scent.

For those who don’t like to have the fragrance of a dessert on them all day, it will be good news that after your bath, there is only a very mild sweet aroma on the skin which also fades off slowly. Personally, I won’t purchase the lotion or body mist of the same line because though I love the fragrance I don’t wish to smell like this the whole day 😛 its wonderful as a shower gel but might not be so as a longer smelling lotion or splash.

More than the fragrance, I love the shower gel for its quality as well. In the past, I have tried lotions by BBW but I’m trying their shower gel for the first time and I think the quality is awesome. It doesn’t dry my skin even a bit and makes my skin feel soft and clean!

Talking about value for money, I feel I’ve got a great deal and buying this 295ml shower gel for $4(approx. Rs.250) is very affordable and absolutely worth it! The full price is $12.50(approx. Rs.780) might be a too expensive for a shower gel. But BBW always has lots of deals going on and almost always they have an offer of Buy 3 get 2 free, so buying it on a discounted price is worth it I feel!

Overall, it’s a great shower gel which cleans very well and leaves skin soft. With a delicious dessert-y fragrance which might be too sweet for many people but I highly recommend trying it out and definitely purchase it in sale.

Price: $12.50(approx. Rs.780), I bought it for $4.

Available at all BBW stores and online. Not available in India yet.



Why you’ll like it:

1)    Affordable if bought on frequent online sales.

2)    Easy to use packaging

3)    Yummy caramel,vanilla,cake fragrance.

4)    Doesn’t dry out skin.

5)    Cleans and lathers well.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)       Not available in India yet.

2)       Fragrance may not be liked by all.

3)       Limited Edition.

To buy or not to buy?

Definitely buy if you like the fragrance.

My rating:


P.S. Did you notice the bells on the top of the page? 😛

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