Thanksgiving/November big haul!

Hey everyone!

I told you all last week that I’ll show you my November haul soon so here I am! I had not bought a single thing whole of September and October except few essentials for this weather and so I hauled quite a lot of stuff this month.

The sales here during thanksgiving are just huge! I’d heard about the sale season but never knew the extent of the discounts! And most brands start sales at the beginning of number itself!

The first thing I bought in November when sales were coming up everywhere was from Bath & Body Works. I was very eager try stuff from BBW since a long time and finally I got the chance when they had all shower gels and a few lotions running at $5. So my friend and I made a combined order to avail free shipping at $30. And we also had a coupon so our order was for $32 approx and we ordered 8 things in all 😛


So I got 3 shower gels – Vanilla Bean noel, Caramel woods, Twilight woods and 1 body lotion Autumn Blackberry all for $4 each. That is approx. Rs.240 each. Eeee!!!

All 3 shower gels aren’t for myself 😛 1-2 are going to my sister. I have only used the Vanilla Bean Noel till now and reviewed it here.

Then I bought this perfume from Charlotte Russe for $13. This was not on sale but it was too tempting 😛 the bottle is gorgeous as well as the fragrance!


Then came the big day – Black Friday! And my friends and I headed to downtown at 8pm when the stores started opening! And oh my the crowd was too much! There were queues in front of stores which were going to open at midnight! The craze for Black Friday here is so huge and not at all overrated I feel because the discounts were literally shocking.

I bought a Steve Madden bag for my mom which was priced at $30 from its original price of $99!!!!! I also bought 2 tshirts and 2 infinity scarves from Aeropostale at quite cheap prices in the range of $5-10.

I ordered a sweater online from Victoria’s Secret mainly to avail the offer of getting a free scarf worth $18! And let me tell you the scarf is so damn awesome and even the sweater! In love with both and I got them both for $25.

Then I bought 2 bags for myself from Forever 21. One is a small foldable crossbody leather bag perfect for travelling and one tote bag big enough for classes. I can’t find pics of these on the site now, they might be out of stock. Both had 50%off I think. And the prices are written in the screenshot are the discounted prices.


And I bought a watch my sister wanted from macys and another watch from myself. It’s a gorgeous Kenneth Cole watch, it was at 50% off too and I bought it for $49.

Not sharing pictures of all these here, you can find their pics on Instagram. 😀

That day, I bought this Clinique kit with the 3step skincare routine. My skin has been very pathetic since a few months and I badly needed a good skin care routine! And I’m glad I got this as its doing great 🙂


This kit cost me approx. $67. It has Step 3 big sized products as well as travel sized ones – liquid facial soap(200ml), Clarifying lotion/toner(487ml), dramatically different moisturizing gel(125ml) and travel sizes of 30-60ml. all of it in this pretty pink mesh bag.


The big sized ones are all so huge 😛 I can’t see myself finishing them my whole life:P

Then came my BIG TBS order 😀 you might be knowing about the BBW Black Friday special tote. It’s a tote bag filled with their full sized 7-8 products which you can buy for $30 only if you spend $40. It’s a great offer and I really wanted to buy it but I didn’t like the products they had in their special tote and I was very disappointed. Then by chance I came across that TBS also has a similar offer. The offer includes that with any purchase of $30 on any products, you can buy the tote bag for $25 and the bag had nice stuff! So I decided to order it and when I was adding some products worth $30 to my cart, I found out that all products on their site were being sold for $10 on Black Friday. All products for $10 or less!!!!

Even their jumbo(400ml) body butters that are priced at $25 were being sold for $10!

I was extremely tempted to buy a lot of stuff 😛 but I controlled myself! I would spend a lot lot lot more next Black Friday when I hopefully will have some more money to spare 😛


I finally bought the Vineyard Peach body scrub(orig.price $20), Vineyard Peach body lotion(orig price $12) and Blue Corn face mask(orig price $17) all 3 for $10 i.e.approx Rs.600 each. I also bought the Chocomania gift box for my sister. I very badly wanted to try the Vineyard Peach range since a long time 😀

Then comes the tote which cost me $25 in all.


And now I’ll show you all that it has…tada



It has – Cranberry shower gel, Camomile makeup remover, Satsuma body polish, Vitamin e moisture cream, absinthe hand butter, coconut soap, coconut beautifying oil, Satsuma body butter and a bath lily. All of them full sized! And all of them for $25 i.e. approx. Rs.1500!!!!!!!!!! I’m honestly extremely glad with this deal. Getting so much stuff for Rs.1500 yayyyy 😀 and plus, Satsuma body polish, absinthe butter, cranberry shower gel were all products I wanted to try! So, I’m very glad I got this!

When I see other people’s Black Friday hauls I get so envious, some friends have a suitcase filled with shopping 😮 Sigh!

Some places still have sales going on and my exams got over yesterday so we went window shopping in the snow:P seriously it is very cold these days. It was -17degree Celsius yesterday 🙁

But still we went and had a fun day 😀

Impulsively, 2 of my friends and I shopped at Victoria’s Secret as they had an offer of buying 7 products for $35! So I bought 3 things.


Sparkling Citrus body mist, sparkling citrus body butter, Dream of kisses body mist! For $5 each approx. Rs.300 each! Ain’t I getting great deals these days 😀

These smell amazing! 🙂 2 things will go to my sister I guess!

So, that’s it guys! That’s my huge haul which has been burning holes in my heart with guilt everyday! But if you think about it, I would have spent this much anyway the whole year on such products and on their original prices! So better to spend on sales na?

What do you all think? How’s my haul?

Anything in particular you want me to review first?

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