On My Nails ~ Some coral sand & some bling.


Hello everyone!

How many ages has it been that I shared with you what’s on my nails? 🙁

To be honest, in these past 3-4months since my last On My Nails post, I’ve hardly had anything on my nails. Yes its true, the same girl who used to change her nail paint every week, sometimes even twice a week, has been living with bare nails for almost 3 months! Sigh! I put nail paint 2 times to be exact and both times I felt so blaahhh about it, I never thought about posting them here!

But a new year is coming and I need to mend my ways and I have made my mind to very consciously make every effort I can to be regular in blogging as well as keeping myself groomed and happy 😀

So, these nails of mine you’ve already seen in this post but I’m still posting them again with more pictures and some more details about what I love about these nails 😀


I got this nail art done at the Faces event last Tuesday. They used the nail paint Ultime Pro Sand Coat in the shade Moon Cake. It’s a coral pink shade which looks neon in most lightings. It has a sand texture.

The nail art guy used loose silver glitter with a transparent nail polish to add the bling. 😀 I loved the effect. He also added some loose golden glitter sequins randomly.


It’s been almost a week now that I got this done and there’s hardly any chipping but more detail onthat when I review the nail paint!

Till then enjoy the last day of 2013!

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