Welcoming 2014 with some promises to myself!


2013 was a life changing year for me! From being a spoilt pampered girl who has lived in the shelter of her parents all 21 years of her life, I moved so so far from home, to study and learn to become independent in a city so beautiful but a complete stranger to me, Chicago.

In all this I witnessed a lot of homesickness alongwith the feeling of growing up which is not such a nice feeling I tell you.

From finishing my undergrad in June and all the emotions of college getting over and then moving to a new continent, 2013 was definitely jampacked with emotions for me! And to be very honest, this was really the fastest year of my life as well as the most ‘full’ year with so many new things to see and learn each day.

I have learnt a lot of things this year with quite a few failures and lessons learnt and have kindof got a general idea now on how to proceed and move forward efficiently.

My whole life, like all of you too 😛 I have made new(or same) resolutions each year and have always failed to complete most of them, but still making these today as it’s a new year and a new day 🙂

I’m writing down all that I want from myself this year and will try and read this post often to remind myself of all these points!

So here I begin, in no particular order, my resolutions for 2014!

1)    Be calm, control my temper, no matter what the situation is. Also do not panic and just stay calm always!

2)    Work very hard!

3)    Learn to say no to people and be more practical.

4)    Love my loved ones with all my heart and soul and try and avoid negative people or those I dislike. They only ruin my peace of mind!

5)    Spend money carefully. Make better use of sales and splurge only during sales.

6)    Use up products better before buying new stuff. (Do empties post etc to motivate self)

7)    Be very very regular on blogging instead of wasting time on watching useless hindi serials 😛

8)    Read more.

9)    Drink lots of water all the time and eat carefully. Lose weight. Be healthy. Take care of my skin and hair better.

10) Love myself more. And keep smiling all the time and give smiles to my family always.

So, that’s it!

I only want these simple things and I only want to stay happy and keep my family happy this year. And I want to pray and work hard and keep God happy too  J

I hope I can do these simple things and make 2014 a wonderful year for everyone!

So, what are your resolutions?

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