The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub Review.


Hey everyone 🙂

How’s the new year going?

When I went to Chicago in august, I did not take any bath and body stuff with me! Nothing! So I needed to buy some essentials soon. And for my love for TBS and they also had a sale going on, this was one of the first stuff I bought in September.

The Honeymania range hasn’t been launched in India yet as far as I know or it is going to be launched soon I think. I was quite interested to try this range as I’m very fond of honey and its fragrance. So, I bought almost all my essentials from this range itself 😛 I bought this body scrub, bubble bath, EDT and a mini butter from this range and a blueberry butter and this spa wisdom body soufflé.

Before coming to India I took pictures of all things I was ready to review and I’m reviewing this body scrub for you all today! 🙂

I’ve been using this Honeymania cream body scrub since September and I’ve used it enough to give you a detailed review!


The scrub comes in the usual The Body Shop plastic tub. It opens and closes very conveniently and is easy to use. The only gripe with the packaging is of hygiene but since it’s quite a thick product I feel tub packaging is the most convenient for this!


The texture of this scrub is very thick but it is not a harsh kindof scrub. It is cream based and it doesn’t have a lot of big noticeable granules, it’s more of very fine granules very nicely mixed in with the cream base. And it exfoliates quite well. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft! I love scrubs and this one too lives up to the expectations I keep with TBS products and I enjoy using it to make my skin smooth! Also, being cream based it keeps my skin hydrated, I do need something more moisturizing in winters with this but in summers there is no need of any more moisture when I use this scrub.


The fragrance of this Honeymania range is a very unique fragrance to me. It is not a overly sweet honey fragrance. It has a lot of floral notes to it and overall it’s a lovely fragrance!

The fragrance in this scrub is not at all the type to hit in your face with its strength yet it is strong enough to be noticed and appreciated!

The scent doesn’t linger for a long time after using this scrub. But when I layer products and use this scrub, butter and EDT all together then the scent lasts me a very long time.

The scrub retails for $20, I got this with some discount for around $15 I think. TBS has sales in which you can even get this as less as $7-10. I personally feel TBS products are excellent but ofcourse the price doesn’t allow everyone to splurge on them but the sales are an excellent way to stock up on their products, like in the Black Friday sales all TBS products were being sold for $10. So I feel this scrub is worth the price if you buy it in sales for $10 or so! At full price it is quite expensive.


Overall, it is a great scrub with a lovely floral honey scent. It does its job very well and makes skin soft and smooth but it is expensive at its original price.

Price: $20 i.e.approx Rs1200. Much less in sales.

Available at all TBS stores and online.



Why you’ll like it:

1)    Lovely honey-floral scent.

2)    Exfoliates very well.

3)    Makes skin soft and smooth.

4)    Not a harsh scrub.

5)    Very nice creamy texture.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)    Expensive.

2)    Can get unhygienic.

To buy or not to buy?

Buy, if you get good discount!

My rating:


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