Rant & Rave ~ Innisfree Strawberry Yogurt Capsule Recipe Mask.



Hello everyone!

I bought this Innisfree capsule mask from their store that I showed you here

It costs Rs.100 for 10ml.

It’s a small dibbi with a paste kindof face pack in it.

The container is made of simple plastic. The lid is not resealable but it can be stuck inside a slot given in the container for closing it.

The mask can be used 3-4 times easily.

The fragrance of the mask is absolutely lovely! It smells exactly like strawberry flavored yogurt! 😀

Even the texture is like yogurt.


I am a huge huge fan of all kinds of yogurts – flavored, plain, frozen, I love them all 😀

Maybe this is the reason I’m liking this face pack even more. It feels like I’m applying actual strawberry yogurt on my face.

It makes my skin super soft!

The main aim of this mask is to brighten dull skin and yes I’ve noticed brightening of my facial skin after using it.

The brightening effect lasts for a day or two but I feel with regular use this can make skin look bright and fresh always!

Innisfree mostly uses natural ingredients and so I like using this even more as I feel I’m not loading my skin with chemicals! But since most of the writing on the pack is in Korean and I don’t know what’s written 😛

But some basic information is there on the back in English. 


This is not a full detailed review as I’ve used this mask only twice and my mom used it twice and we both love it!

I’m definitely going to try more of their masks soon 😛

Have you tried such face masks? Did you like them?

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Beauty Frontline says:

    Haven’t tried this brand yet but ur review is so tempting! will try the mask soon dear ❤


    1. Poorva says:

      ya they have some awesome stuff 🙂


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