The Body Shop Blueberry body butter Review.

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Winters bring in a lot of dryness to my body especially my legs! You can scratch on them 🙁

And Chicago winters are especially harsh and I need good moisture for my body in such weather! I’m honestly scared of going back to Chicago next week, have you seen the news about some polar vortex which has hit the area, Oh God, I hope I can manage 🙁

TBS body butters are my favorite moisturizers and I love love love using them 😀

I got this blueberry one in September and have been using it since then!

This flavor is not available in India as far as I know.  

The Body Shop blueberry body butter comes in a typical TBS blue colored tub with a cute label on top which has blueberries on it 😀


The tub is lightweight and convenient to use. But it’s not so convenient to carry in your handbag. And it also does get unhygienic. I prefer taking out required amount at once with clean fingers instead of digging my fingers in it again and again.


The texture of the butter is quite thick. It’s not as thick as some of the very heavy butters of TBS but it’s not very light also. I somehow find the texture slightly waxy and not very creamy. I do not enjoy its texture very much.

It gets absorbed in a few minutes and doesn’t sit on skin for long. It moisturizes enough to last a full day, though, in extreme weather, I generally put some lotion or butter again at night before sleeping to get soft smooth skin all the time.  


The fragrance of this butter is sweet and fruity. It’s not overpowering but definitely lingers around for quite a few hours. It’s a nice scent but not my favorite. I feel TBS has some better scents. But everyone has their own preferences and if you like the scent, you can definitely try it 🙂

This butter is priced at $20, I bought it in sale for $10 i.e. approx. Rs.620. in India TBS sells their body butters for Rs.995.

As you may know by now, I am a huge fan of TBS and I love most of their products and I can never resist buying stuff from their store 😛 but frankly, I do not like this body butter much and I am unable to pin point any reason exactly but I don’t enjoy using this butter! But I won’t discourage any of you from trying it, it’s not a bad moisturizer, just that I didn’t like it as much as other products!

Overall, this blueberry body butter is a good moisturizer but not the best. It has a sweet fruity scent. TBS and other brands too have much better moisturizers than this in terms of texture as well as fragrance.

Price: $20 in USA. Rs.995 in India. Much less in sales.

Available at all TBS stores and online.



Why you’ll like it:

1)    Sweet fruity blueberry scent.

2)    Moisturizes well.

3)    Makes skin soft and smooth.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)    This flavor isn’t available in India.

2)    Expensive at original price.

3)    Can get unhygienic.

4)    Texture not very creamy.

To buy or not to buy?

Well, I don’t like it so much! 😛

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