Five Friday Favorites #6


Hey everyone!

As you all know by now, I’m at my home in India right now for vacations. Ofcourse I haven’t got all my bath, body and makeup stuff.

So the products I’ve been using are either ones I’ve bought here or the ones I had left at home or what I’ve got for my sister from the US or the ones my sister bought when I wasn’t here. And my favorites too are from those products!



Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods shower gel. I had shown this to you all here, I have got this for my sister and we both are loviiiing it! It has such an awesome scent and the quality of these BBW shower gels is amazing that I told you in this review post here. This one has a musky scent with notes of berries and I smell some vanilla too! 🙂

Next is this Organix Coconut milk conditioner. My sister had bought this when she was with me in the US in august. She had told me it’s awesome but I didn’t bother much as I had other stuff that I was liking. But when I tried this I was hooked, it makes my hair feel so so soft and nourished plus it smells really good! I really recommend this conditioner if you have very dry hair 🙂

Then the Victoria’s Secret Sparkling Citrus body butter. This also I had shown you all in my November haul post. Again I’ve got this for my sister along with its corresponding body mist but I found this butter better than the mist mainly because of the texture. This butter has the most amazing texture I’ve ever seen in a butter!


It’s so so so light and soufflé-like! Its texture is just so beautiful, it’s hard to describe! Plus the scent is also very nice! Its mild but does linger about for a few hours. It smells like strawberry lemonade to me 😛 it’s a really good product 🙂

I have a really old love-hate relationship with Lotus Herbals kajal. I love it for it is natural and its rich black color but I hate it as it smudges a lot on my watery eyes! But I bought it again for old times’ sake 😛 and because I just wanted to 😛 and I’m loving it these days!


Nivea fruity shine lip balms are my babies 😛 I love them to the core! I have pink guava and pomegranate. But haven’t got them with me so I bought one in Strawberry; also because these fruity shines aren’t available in US. Strawberry has a lovely reddish pink tint and smells awesome 😀

So these are my recent favorites!

Have you used these products? Share your experience in the comments below 🙂

And also don’t forget to share your favorites with me 😀

P.S. this is the 300th post on my blog 😀 thanks for loving me you all :*

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