Rant & Rave ~ The Body Shop Lychee Shimmer lip balm.


I am extremelyyyy fond of lychees! I love eating fresh lychees as well as drinking those packaged lychee juices. When I was in college in Delhi, and whenever I had to choose some packaged drink to have in summers especially in metro stations, I always chose lychee juice by this particular brand called Fresca. I don’t know how commonly it is sold in other places but I’ve seen it in almost all shops in metro stations. It’s sold in a normal pet bottle like that of Pepsi and all. I loveeeed that juice and used to have it almost daily in summers during college days! Aah those amazing college days!

When I was in Delhi in December, I was at TBS store to buy my staple coconut oil and the guy at the billing counter didn’t have change so I started sniffing the lip balms at the counter. I generally avoid doing that because I know I would end up buying something and I have a lot of lip balms in my stash at any given point of time 😛


But that day I tried this lychee shimmer lip balm and I just put it on the counter for billing and that also solved the cashier’s problem of finding change and I went out the store with this amazingly delicious lychee smelling lip balm!

Born lippy strawberry lip balm in tub form was the first product I tried from TBS. it smelled amazing and was so so soft to use although not very moisturizing but kindof sufficient for daily use for my lips which are generally not too dry or chapped. I generally use a heavy lip balm or Vaseline at night to keep my lips moisturized and throughout the day I use light lip balms (mostly tinted). And these light lip balms are the ones I keep buying randomly based on their flavor and good fragrance 😛

The lychee shimmer lip balm is another one of those ‘fancy’ lip balms. 😉 I bought this for Rs.395 in India. It retails for $6 in USA.


I didn’t expect this lip balm to be very moisturizing but I was pleasantly surprised. It does moisturize quite well. It has a very very soft texture and glides so smoothly on lips! But do keep in mind, it’s not a balm that will heal chapped lips or be heavily moisturizing but it’s good enough for normal lips.

Its texture is really amazing. I never thought that the born lippy stick lip balms will have the same texture as the tub ones. This too has the same soft texture but in a stick form! I’m really loving this one, it has all the goodness of the tub lip balms without the hygiene issues 😀 complete win-win deal 🙂

Also, these born lippy stick lip balms have very attractive and cute packaging! And this lychee one is of a light pink shade with a transparent cap and has cute comic-book like graphics with lips saying “Shhh” 😀 I love the packaging 🙂

But since, the tube is made of plastic it can be a little flimsy but it hasn’t given me any trouble yet.

Talking about the fragrance, it is a lovely lychee fragrance. Smells just like fresh lychee juice. If you like lychees, you must try this lip balm once! It’s not often I find a good strong lychee fragrance in beauty products so this one is a definite keeper for me 😀

Tried my best to capture the shimmer!
Tried my best to capture the shimmer!

The lip balm is completely clear on lips but has slight shimmer.

The shimmer is very subtle and gives a soft sheen on lips and looks very pretty.


I use it almost all the time these days 😀 another thing is that they stay for a good 3-4 hours on my lips even with small snacks or water you can see hint of shimmer on lips.

Overall, it’s a lovely lip balm which moisturizes very well and has a beautiful soft texture with slight shimmer. It has a delicious lychee fragrance and attractive packaging 🙂 I find it much better than the tub version of the born lippy balms.

I totally recommend this to you, there are also 4-5 other flavors in this like plum, strawberry, toffee…you’ll definitely find something you like!

Have you tried this lip balm? Do share your experience in the comments 🙂

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