My Sweet On Paris Obsession!


I first got a whiff of “Sweet on Paris” at a friend’s place last year. I nagged my friend to show me what fragrance she uses and that’s when I met this gorgeous fragrance mist in the flavor Sweet On Paris by Bath & Body Works.

My bad luck that BBW had launched this fragrance as a Limited Edition collection and now it was no more in the stores! *sob sob* I was so heart broken!

I have a crazy OCD that Limited Edition products attract me a 100 times more than normal stuff and I get a strong urge to own them, the same had happened with me with MAC dark diversion but I still don’t own it  🙁

I was seriously getting obsessed with this fragrance and I kept reading reviews on it and I hardly read any negative review and my obsession kept growing!

I had almost lost hope that I will ever have Sweet on Paris in my hands when the Semi Annual Sale came after Christmas while I was in India in December.

Their semi annual sales are awesome as I showed you my haul in this post here. While I was casually browsing the sale stuff and planning to stock up stuff at these cheap prices for the severe winters, I caught a glimpse of this pretty blue bottle in their clearance section on the site!

And then I found the Sweet on Paris shower gel and body lotion displayed innocently in their sale section. And they were being sold for….$3-4!!!!!!!


BBW brings back old discontinued scents in these sales and that’s how I got the luck to get these 😀

I was absolutely ecstatic! But it was sad that they didn’t have the corresponding fragrance mist! But nevertheless, I immediately ordered the shower gel and lotion! The full sized ones and at such dirt cheap prices! Yippeee 😀

I did find out that discontinued scents of BBW are sold at Amazon and ebay and I was contemplating buying them but firstly, they were being sold at prices more than the MRP and second, I doubted whether they were authentic!

I was very very happy that I found this range in sale and I had almost let go of thinking about the fragrance mist when one fine day, I was at Kunchals in GK1, M block market where they keep cosmetics and a lot of imported stuff. And guess what, I spotted the Sweet on Paris mist!!!!!!! Eeeeee 😛

And once I smelled the mist I went into a trance and I really don’t know how I got around to just give the SA 950 bucks and leave the store! I was completely in a trance!

It was being sold at Rs.950, the usual price at which BBW stuff is sold in India. And let me tell you, I always felt people who buy BBW at this price are fools when originally these products are sold at prices as low as Rs.150-200 in USA! I apologize to all of you! 🙁

When I got home, my immediate thought was oh! Damn what have I done! Why did I buy it at such a price! But once I started using it, I have no regrets now and well I convinced myself that kabhi kabhi to chalta hai! 😛

So, that’s my obsession story and I’m completely in love with “Sweet on Paris”. It’s a gorgeously sweet gourmand fragrance! And very wearable for winters as well as summer I feel. I am enjoying the shower gel the most out of the 3 products!

The range has notes of lemon meringue and macarons 😀 Aah and look at that packaging <3


Honestly, it’s a very unique fragrance and it’s hard for me to describe to you!

I would just say that if somehow you can manage to get this, do get it 😀

I will do a detailed review on this range soon!

Do you obsess over products like this? Do share your story with me in the comments 🙂

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  1. 😀 hehe I can understand limited edition attracts us a lot! and after reading the description about the fragrance even I was getting into trance but with that price thing, I came back.:D It happens with a lot of these imported product. 🙁 not fair!

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