My Sweet On Paris Obsession!


I first got a whiff of “Sweet on Paris” at a friend’s place last year. I nagged my friend to show me what fragrance she uses and that’s when I met this gorgeous fragrance mist in the flavor Sweet On Paris by Bath & Body Works.

My bad luck that BBW had launched this fragrance as a Limited Edition collection and now it was no more in the stores! *sob sob* I was so heart broken!

I have a crazy OCD that Limited Edition products attract me a 100 times more than normal stuff and I get a strong urge to own them, the same had happened with me with MAC dark diversion but I still don’t own it  🙁

I was seriously getting obsessed with this fragrance and I kept reading reviews on it and I hardly read any negative review and my obsession kept growing!

I had almost lost hope that I will ever have Sweet on Paris in my hands when the Semi Annual Sale came after Christmas while I was in India in December.

Their semi annual sales are awesome as I showed you my haul in this post here. While I was casually browsing the sale stuff and planning to stock up stuff at these cheap prices for the severe winters, I caught a glimpse of this pretty blue bottle in their clearance section on the site!

And then I found the Sweet on Paris shower gel and body lotion displayed innocently in their sale section. And they were being sold for….$3-4!!!!!!!


BBW brings back old discontinued scents in these sales and that’s how I got the luck to get these 😀

I was absolutely ecstatic! But it was sad that they didn’t have the corresponding fragrance mist! But nevertheless, I immediately ordered the shower gel and lotion! The full sized ones and at such dirt cheap prices! Yippeee 😀

I did find out that discontinued scents of BBW are sold at Amazon and ebay and I was contemplating buying them but firstly, they were being sold at prices more than the MRP and second, I doubted whether they were authentic!

I was very very happy that I found this range in sale and I had almost let go of thinking about the fragrance mist when one fine day, I was at Kunchals in GK1, M block market where they keep cosmetics and a lot of imported stuff. And guess what, I spotted the Sweet on Paris mist!!!!!!! Eeeeee 😛

And once I smelled the mist I went into a trance and I really don’t know how I got around to just give the SA 950 bucks and leave the store! I was completely in a trance!

It was being sold at Rs.950, the usual price at which BBW stuff is sold in India. And let me tell you, I always felt people who buy BBW at this price are fools when originally these products are sold at prices as low as Rs.150-200 in USA! I apologize to all of you! 🙁

When I got home, my immediate thought was oh! Damn what have I done! Why did I buy it at such a price! But once I started using it, I have no regrets now and well I convinced myself that kabhi kabhi to chalta hai! 😛

So, that’s my obsession story and I’m completely in love with “Sweet on Paris”. It’s a gorgeously sweet gourmand fragrance! And very wearable for winters as well as summer I feel. I am enjoying the shower gel the most out of the 3 products!

The range has notes of lemon meringue and macarons 😀 Aah and look at that packaging <3


Honestly, it’s a very unique fragrance and it’s hard for me to describe to you!

I would just say that if somehow you can manage to get this, do get it 😀

I will do a detailed review on this range soon!

Do you obsess over products like this? Do share your story with me in the comments 🙂

20 thoughts on “My Sweet On Paris Obsession!

  1. Rs.150-200 in USA? And here we are paying 900+ for the same Products :O (Though this brand is really good, no doubt about that but such big difference ? )Thanks for the info Poorva! Then isn’t it good idea to brought it from USA only? I mean seriously I am thinking about asking my friend to bring me this from US who is coming India next month. What say? Will appreciate your genuine reply!

    1. yes Hetal, the original price of these lies in the range of $12-14 i.e. Rs.700-900. but on heavy sale you get them for $3-4 and even in normal sales you get them at half price so that is Rs.300-400. so yes surely a good option to get someone to get them for you from USA. 🙂

    2. Thanks Poorva for quick response. Added to my Wishlist to get it from USA now. Thanks Honey, You saved 500 Bucks of mine at least per Bath and Body Work Product 😛

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