The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Butter Review.


Hey everyone!

I have a kindof OCD about washing my hands alllll the time. I keep smelling my hands and if there is any faint trace of any smell I dislike or any greasy feeling or anything out of place, I run to wash my hands 😛  basically, I wash my hands like a 1000 times a day!!

But despite this, when I was in Delhi, I had almost never bothered to invest in hand creams because..umm.. I don’t know why 😛 maybe because I never did any household work then 😛

But now I feel the need because there is so much dishwashing, cooking, cleaning etc to do so my hands get super super dry 🙁 plus the extreme cold!!!

I have like 3-4 types of hand creams near my bed and I just slather on any. And yes, fortunately I’m loving all the hand creams I have 😀

And I’ll soon review others too 🙂


So, one of these hand creams or hand butter I should say is the The Body Shop Absinthe Hand butter.

This too I received in the TBS special tote bag I bought in November. The bag had some lovely assorted products <3

I had smelled the Absinthe range in India but I was confused whether I like it or not. And even the reviews I read for it were very mixed. It seems you’ll either hate it or love it! So I really wanted to try it and I felt so happy it was there in the tote bag 😀

The Absinthe hand butter comes in a small transparent plastic 100ml tub. It’s very convenient to use. It’s also small enough to carry in your purse or bag.


It can be a little unhygienic but mostly you’ll just need to take the required amount at once so I’m fine with it! Plus, the texture can’t be packaged in a tube.

And they also have a lighter cream version of this which comes in a tube form so check that out 🙂

Talking about the texture, it’s very soft, buttery and and gets spread on hands very quickly. It has no greasiness and doesn’t leave any any residue behind. Its texture is perfect!!


But yes it’s on the heavier side, so it’s for those with lot of dryness. That’s why its a ‘butter’ 😉 And those with normal hands might find it slightly greasy. The hand cream version might be better for you then!

For when my hands get very dry, this is amazing. It makes my hands super soft and hydrated! When I put it before sleeping, my hands are so well moisturized when I wake up 😀

The fragrance is something I just can not describe! The scent is super fresh! It smells of grassy fields or something, okay I just can’t describe this scent. And I don’t know how absinthe smells to tell if this is how it is! 😛

But you really need to smell it! And yes, you will either love it or hate it! And I absolutely love it!

It also has the feature that it masks smells of food. And I love to use this after cooking with onions, chicken or garlic and I absolutely hate having any odd smell on my hands so I use this a lot 😛 and this absinthe scent stays on my hands for a few hours.


This 100ml tub would probably last me ageeeesssss!!! Only a little amount is used each time and a little goes a really long way for this!

It retails for $20. But is often on some sale for around $10-12.

I feel its slightly expensive and frankly, I wouldn’t buy it at its full price ever 😛 but the quality and quantity of the product is really really good so I definitely recommend it to you all 🙂 also, the quantity is huge so ya in a way it is worth the price! I would definitely consider buying the cream version for summers in some sale 😀

Do give this a try if you like the fragrance as quality is fabulous 🙂

I haven’t seen any announcement of the launch of this hand butter in India yet but I found it on their online site so I guess it’s available now. You can find it here for Rs.995. Their hand cream version is also available for Rs.495. And they also have this on 50% off sale on TBS India website right now so don’t miss the offer 😀

Overall, it’s a wonderful hand moisturizer! Beautiful texture 🙂 I completely love this hand butter!!

Price: $20 in USA and Rs.995 in India.

Available at all TBS stores and online.


Why you’ll like it:

1)    Very moisturizing.

2)    Not greasy at all.

3)    Doesn’t leave any residue.

4)    Lovely fresh fragrance.

5)    Conceals other odors from hands.

6)    Huge quantity.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)    Slightly expensive.

2)    Scent might not be enjoyed by everyone.

Rating: 9/10

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