Bath & Body Works Napa Autumn Blackberry body lotion Review.


Hey everyone 🙂

I’m back with another product review from my recent love ‘Bath & Body Works’.

I had bought this way back in early November in some sale.

This lotion comes in a standard BBW lotion bottle, a transparent plastic bottle with a golden flip top cap. The bottle is slightly curved so it’s easier to hold and use.


It’s very sturdy and very convenient to use. It’s safe for travelling also as it won’t leak or anything. The flip top cap is also very easy to use and dispenses the lotion nicely.

Talking about the texture of the lotion, it’s very very very creamy. One of the most creamy lotions I’ve used.  It is so creamy and soft. It gets absorbed quickly and there is absolutely no residue left on skin. It moisturizes skin well. But sometimes in extreme weather, when my skin is very dry, I need to moisturize again at night. So this is a lotion which is best for normal-dry skin. But for extremely dry skin, you would need a heavier moisturizer or need to reapply this after some time.


This particular fragrance, Napa Autumn Blackberry, is a beautiful fragrance. It has a creamy blackberry scent with musky and some fresh fruity notes too. I really really enjoy using this fragrance. It was part of the fall 2013 range and I think now it’s not there in stores. I would have loved to try its shower gel too 😀    

The only con I find in this is that BBW products aren’t available in india yet. But you can find them at stores that sell imported goods like Kunchals in GK, Delhi.

It retails for $12.50 (approx.Rs.800) but it’s often on discounts or buy 3 get 3 offers. So, mostly you can buy this on half price. I bought it for $4 i.e.approx Rs.240.

For the quantity being given – 236ml, it’s quite decently priced and absolutely worth the cost!

Overall, I love this lotion. It’s a perfect daily use day time lotion with no greasiness and good moisturizing properties and a lovely fragrance. And I definitely recommend you to try it if you can 🙂



Rating: 9/10

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