Accessorize Intense Colour lip gloss Shade 3 Review.


Hey everyone  🙂

I love love love lip glosses 😀 yes, I’m still a teenage girl at heart 😛

And I also love good scents as you all know by now 😛

And I also loveeeeee good packaging in products!!

And this product that I’m reviewing today has all 3 features mentioned above 😛

And now you can guess why I bought this product 😛

But, let’s see if it’s any good besides these factors 🙂

I bought the Accessorize fever intense colour lipgloss in Shade 3 from in August just before leaving Delhi. Now I can’t find it on their website to give you the link but they do have a lot of Accessorize makeup products for sale!

This lip gloss comes in a super super pretty packaging with a transparent tube and a leopard print cap. I am not really fond of leopard prints generally but this one looks so good J the tube has “Accessorize” written on it in pretty golden letters alongwith their trademark “butterfly” 😛 overall, the packaging looks so good and its so hard to resist buying this and well, the packaging is why I bought it 😛


It has a standard doe foot applicator that applies the gloss very well and is very easy to use.

The lip gloss comes in 7 shades I think. The one I have is Shade 3. Since I was buying it online and couldn’t see testers or what the shades looked like, I went by the online swatches and Vipra had some lovely swatches of this on her blog. So I went by them and bought this shade.

It’s a lovely nude pink shade. Its just like the shade that appears in the tube. It’s a very pretty shade that can be worn to college or work and looks very subtle and nice.


It has a glossy look that I love 😀 and I just loveee how pretty it looks on my lips *blush blush* I’m seriously in love with this one  😀

Talking about its texture, it’s very smooth and glides on lips very evenly. It’s not at all sticky and feels very light on lips. It doesn’t stay on lips for a very long time but I’m fine with it as most long staying glosses I’ve tried are very sticky.


Talking about another good thing about this is its fragrance! It smells of caramel and butterscotch and aahhhhh I loveeeee the scent. It smells so so good yummmm. But I’d say it’s a good thing the scent doesn’t linger around on lips or I(or someone else 😉 ) might just end up licking it all 😛

I bought it for Rs. 650 and I feel the price is quite decent for the gloss.

Overall, it’s a really nice lip gloss perfect for daily wear. Texture too is very good. I definitely recommend you all to try it 🙂

Price: Rs650 for 4ml.

Available at

Why you’ll like it:

1)    Very attractive packaging.

2)    Smooth texture.

3)    Non sticky.

4)    Very wearable and pretty shade.

5)    Delicious fragrance 😛

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)    Not easily available.

Rating: 9/10


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