Pink Velvet Wine On My Nails!


Hey everyone!

I know I’ve been missing from here since quite some time; I was unwell and super busy with exams et al 🙁

I love painting my nails and changing them often! Before my visit to india in December, I had almost no nail paints here and yes I lived with bare nails for 3-4 months! *horror*  😛


To be honest, I find no good nail paints here for less than $4-5 and I never feel like spending this amount on nail paints! So during my trip to India I meant to get a considerable amount of my stash from India and also new ones and that’s what I did!

I hoarded on quite a few of these newly launched Maybelline Color Show nail paints and here I am with one called “Velvet Wine”.


It’s a lovely magenta – pink with a purplish tone too and with loads of silver and pink shimmer.

The shade is super pretty and makes my hands look bright and nice 🙂

It’s also a great shade for parties or even for brides!

The shade is quite sheer, I’ve used 2 coats here but I guess a third can make it look even better! It does get chipped off slightly from the edges in 2-3 days. But the pastel shades without glitter have better staying power! Its finish is glossy and looks really nice:)


It is super reasonable at Rs.75 and the quality is good too! I definitely recommend this range to everyone! I’m loving it!

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