The Body Shop Vineyard Peach body scrub Review.


I love peaches! Eating peaches, Tropicana peach mango juice, peach flavor in lip balms, makeup, peach color…all of them 😀

And that’s the reason I HAD to try the vineyard peach range of The Body Shop.

So I got this body scrub and body lotion during thanksgiving sale!

The Vineyard Peach scrub comes in a regular 200ml TBS transparent plastic tub with a light peach-pink lid.


It’s quite convenient to use but yes can be unhygienic in the shower if water gets into it and dipping fingers in it again and again.

The scrub has a creamy consistency. It is like a liquidy paste. The scrub has quite a lot of granules, peach seeds I guess. It works very well and makes skin very soft and smooth! It can be a medium – harsh scrub so if you have sensitive skin maybe you shouldn’t try it. Though I feel its creamy base adjusts the harshness.


But I feel it doesn’t moisturize skin properly. In current harsh winters here, it leaves skin a little dry so a good rich moisturizer is definitely needed! But in warmer months, it’ll be good enough on its own!

The scent of Vineyard Peach is lovely. It smells of nice fresh sweet peaches. I love the scent! But I know people who don’t enjoy this scent. So you need to try it before buying!

In India, I think it is Limited Edition and currently not available.

I bought this for $10. Its full price is $20 for 200ml. It is expensive if bought at the full price. But it is a really good scrub and worth buying so I definitely recommend it if you can afford it 🙂

Overall, I love this scrub; it smells amazingggg, of fresh peaches; and works really well. But it needs a good moisturizer after using this. It is expensive but a really good scrub and can be given a shot if you get it in sale!

It’s major highlight it I think the amazing fragrance!



Rating: 9/10

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  1. I think by now, I have used all types of TBS body scrubs and body butters 😛 But I am so very lazy for reviews! You did a great job sweetie <3…..I like this one 🙂

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