Bath & Body Works Cranberry Twinkle fine fragrance mist Review.


Hey everyone!

You all might be aware by now that since some time I’m in love with Bath & Body Works body mists and all their products in general!

So here I’m reviewing one of my favorite scents from BBW.


Bath & Body works fine fragrance mist comes in a hard plastic cylindrical bottle. The bottle is very sturdy. But the cap can get loose after some time. The spray is very fine and sprays the mist very nicely. It’s very convenient to use and also travel friendly though quite big for travelling.


The graphics on the packaging are also special for the holiday seasonal range. I love this packaging with the pretty sparkly designs!!

The scent, Cranberry Twinkle is a lovely lovely scent! It is part of the holiday (Christmas) season special scents. It is described by the brand as “Holiday cranberries, snowy freesia and pomegranate, layered with creamy sandalwood and iced winter violets”. Doesn’t it sound oh so delicious! And how can you resist buying it? 😀


I can smell a lot of notes in this scent. Fruity scents are more prominent, smelling mostly of berries – cranberry, raspberry, blackberry(I love eating all berries and by now I know their scents individually quite well :P). Then the vanilla too is prominent and it also has musky notes; overall it’s a really gorgeous scent and I’m in absolute love with it!!! I’ve been using it quite sparingly so that I don’t finish it before the next holiday season when I can repurchase this 😀

The scent is not strong but good enough to be noticed.

The only problem I have with this is the low staying power L the staying power of this is low, but better than a few other scents, but still it’s quite less on its own! I wish it had good staying power L

It retails for $14(Rs.850approx) for 236ml. I bought it for approx. $6 i.e.Rs.400 in clearance sale. Comparing to the price you can get them at during sales, the full price seems expensive but I find these body mists quite worth the price.

Overall, I loveeee this scent and would definitely recommend it to you all and will definitely purchase other stuff in this scent too when they come over in the next holiday season!

Rating: 9/10


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