March 2014 Empties.


Hey everyone!

I love love love reading Empties’ posts on blogs and doing them as well!

But I do not get to do such posts often as I am not able to finish products fast.

Maybe because I do not use one particular product regularly till it gets over; like I have 3-4 shower gels/scrubs in my shower and I use whatever suits my mood so I end up not finishing any of them :/

But I still try…

So these empties are not all from March, but from January, February and March.

I’ve linked the full reviews, you can read them by clicking on the highlighted titles 🙂


1)    First, we have Soap & Glory hand food hand cream, I finished this in early January. I have a lot of hand creams of late and I had completely forgotten about this one; in fact it had gotten over much earlier and only a little was left and when I opened it in January, it was spoilt and its oils had separated. So ya this is over now!

I won’t be repurchasing this as I like to try different products but I definitely recommend it to you to try! 

2)    The Body Shop blueberry body butter ~ I have never finished a whole body butter tub before in my life!!! Eeeee, you can imagine my excitement when I finished this plus I was not really fond of this blueberry butter and wanted to finish this up asap so I used it faster than normal and here we are, with a lovely empty tub 😀 this got over in February! I’m using the empty tub to store a Lush soap now! These tubs are super useful!

I won’t be repurchasing this as I did not enjoy this particular blueberry flavor much!

3)    The Body Shop Vineyard Peach scrub. ~ A lovely scent and a good scrub! Already reviewed in detail. Another big empty tub 😀

I can think about repurchasing this, next winter maybe!

4)    L’Occitane repairing shampoo ~ I’ve almostttt found my perfect hair care routine of late and this is one of those good products! This is a travel size bottle, costs about Rs.450/- in india and I had bought 2 of these when I came to US but I didn’t use it much as I was also trying out the newer stuff here but I just came back to using this full time recently! And will review it super soon 🙂

Definitely will be repurchasing this after I finish my 2 other travel sized bottles of this 😀 unless I find a better substitute!

5)    Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in Pomegranate ~ just reviewed it this week. Very nice hand cream and I’ve 2 more flavors of these to finish 😛

I won’t be repurchasing this to try other stuff but again I definitely recommend it!

So that’s it guys! Not a lot of stuff I know L but something is better than nothing! 😀

I’ve reviewed all of them except the l’occitane shampoo so you can check out the details there!

Since some time, I am in a serious ‘finishing everything I have’ phase, because these days I feel guilty with each purchase I make, plus I have an overdose of skincare and bath & body products right now and I desperately want to finish stuff (so I can try more stuff:P). So you’ll be seeing more of these empties posts and I hope to encourage you all too to finish up products and you too encourage me!!! 😀

What have you emptied recently?

Do share in the comments below. 🙂

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