Ipsy Glam Bag April Review.

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for not being so active of late, exams and a lot of other tensions going on :/

So, anyway, I showed you all my March Ipsy glambag here. I was not sure whether I wanted to subscribe to it again or not but I gave it a shot and well, I do feel sometimes such things should get atleast 3 chances to prove themselves, no? 😀

So here I am with my April glambag!


This month’s theme was Beauty Rocks as shown on the bag itself in the first picture; and I loveeeee the bag this month! I love the color 😀

Ipsy has a feature of revealing the products of your bag on your account on their site once the bag is shipped! So, you can peep in and see what you’ve got even before you receive the bag. And well, I’m too impatient to wait for the bag 😛

This time the spoilers were really good and I had made kindof a wishlist in mind and sadly I did not get what I wanted, anyway I’ll show you what I actually got!


Urban Decay travel size 24*7 velvet glide on pencil ~ for me this is the star of the bag! I alwayssss wanted to try Urban Decay products and I’m so excited I got their black eyeliner as I can seriously never have enough black eyeliners 😛 this liner is in all bags this month!

Although it’s a travel/sample size, but it’s quite a decent sized pencil of 0.8g/0.03oz and the full sized pencil is of 0.04oz and retails for $20.

Benefit Cosmetics Lollitint ~ this is a small travel size sample of one of the famous tints by Benefit! I’ve never tried either of their tints and I’m quite excited to use this. 🙂 I couldn’t find its size mentioned in the bag, but it looks something like 3-6ml, and the full size is of 12.5ml and retails for $30.

City Color white gold shadow and highlight mousse ~ this is quite a unique product and looks quite interesting! Its texture is completely like a mousse and shade is quite pretty! Never heard of the brand before so I checked out this online and found it retails for $3.99.


Cailyn tinted lip balm shade Acid Pink ~ I’ve never tried this kindof lip balm but it looks cute. It has a brush on top like we have gel eyeliners packaging! And I was interested in trying this by seeing pictures of this, but it’s quite stiff in reality! It doesn’t go on smoothly at all. The color is pretty though! And more than a lip balm, it’s a tint. On its site, it costs $19 and I guess this is the full size itself in the box.

Kiss looks so natural lashes ~ I wish I had not got these as I’ve never tried lashes nor do I think I can apply them correctly! But I guess it’s good to own a pair and try when I can as otherwise I would never have bought lashes! These cost $3.99 and are sold in drugstores too from what I’ve read online about them.

Here are the swatches of the products –


UD liner, Benefit Lollitint, City color white gold, Cailyn acid pink.
UD liner, Benefit Lollitint, City color white gold, Cailyn acid pink.

All in all, the stuff is quite good! Getting 5 products for $10 sounds so so good 😀 Amazing value for money!

Though after seeing the spoilers, I wish I had got their rainbow honey nail paint and jasmine rollerball perfume or dr.brandt microdermabrasion or the hair spray instead of the lashes! But it is okay, I like my bag 🙂 and most probably would subscribe next month too! I think the cribbing happens because of seeing the spoilers! I’ll try not to see them next time so I don’t have different expectations!

Anyway, I’m super super excited about the UD liner 😀

I’ve been thinking, it’s likely I would get 1-2 things in each subscription that I probably would not use so I’ll keep them unused and next time I come to india I might do a giveaway with those products or a blog sale or get some friends to review them on this blog if they’re interested! Let’s see! 🙂

So, have you tried any of these products? Do share your views in the comments below 🙂

If you want to subscribe to Ipsy, please use this link – http://www.ipsy.com/r/76je.

I’m not paid to do this, I will just get points if anyone uses this link and you can further refer your friends to get points yourself 😀

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