April – May 2014 Empties.


Hey everyone! In this post, I’m showing you the empties from April and half of May that is before I came to India for my summer break. I’m happy I’ve been using up a decent number of products of late! 😀

So here is the stuff I finished –

1)    Lush Golden Egg ~ I managed to get 2 uses out of this. I loveeed using this mainly because of the lovely fragrance!

I would love to try more bath bombs from Lush and I definitely recommend you to atleast try one of these!


2)    Lush Carrot Soap ~ this lasted me almost a month and it was really fun to use this!

I prefer shower gels to soaps so I won’t be purchasing this but it’s a great option for everyone if it’s available in the future!


3)    Victoria’s secret Pure Seduction body mist ~ this is really old and I was actually holding on to it as I couldn’t see it getting over. But I did finally finish the one fourth that was left.

I will definitely repurchase this fragrance!!


4)    Bath & Body Works Caramel Woods shower gel ~ I have 2-3 shower gels that are half empty but I get bored and keep opening up new ones, but now I’m going to finish all the half empty ones. This one was the oldest one and has such an amazinnggg yummy fragrance.

I don’t repurchase the same fragrances but this one is awesome and I can think about buying it again, highly recommended!


5)    Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub ~ this was a random purchase and turned out to be really good! It truly gives a morning energy burst and makes my skin feel super fresh and soft! It’s not a harsh scrub or even does anything much for the skin but it really cleans skin very well and I love it! 😀 this has a lovely orange fragrance and lots of granules which clean my face very well! I generally never buy the Clean & Clear available in india coz I never liked it when I tried using it but I think the formula of the Clean & Clear in USA is really different as I’m using anther variant of this and that’s really good too!

I’ve even bought a mini travel version of this orange one to carry in my bag. It freshens me up instantly and it’s really good for the hot weather! This is the kindof of face wash that I always like to have around!

I will definitely repurchase this and recommend it to you all!


6)    L’Occitane repairing mask sachets ~ I had 2 of these and they gave me 3-4 uses each. I loved the mask and bought the full sized tub 😀 it was really expensive but it is so huge, it will last me a really long time! I’ll review it soon!

As I mentioned, I’ve already bought the full sized tub, and I recommend this to you if you have dry hair!


7)    L’Occitane Volumizing conditioner sachet ~ I didn’t like it much as it did nothing for my hair, didn’t even moisturize my hair at all!

I won’t be purchasing it, not recommended.


8)    The Face Shop cucumber sheet mask ~ I had bought this way back in august last year but forgot about it. It’s an amazing mask! I’ll be honest, I didn’t wash my face even the next full day after using this and my face was not even a bit oily and it was also smooth and hydrated! I loveeeed it 😀 it was for Rs.100 I think when I bought it. On the pack everything is written in Korean(I think) and I don’t even know for what skin type this is for or anything about it. But I really liked it.

I’ll definitely repurchase this and recommend it to you all!


9)    The Face Shop pet hand cream ~ I bought it solely for its cuteness 😛 I didn’t like the cream that much coz it is not too hydrating but I guess it’s better for those with less dry skin or for summers! I’m going to keep this cute dibbi on my bedside table, it looks adorable 😀

I won’t repurchase this but it’s worth a try!


So, these are the products I’ve finished using lately. What have you emptied recently? Do share in the comments below or leave a link if you’ve put it up on your blog! I love seeing empties’ posts 😀

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