Pink Glittery Champagne On My Nails!


Hey everyone 🙂

I came home to Delhi from Chicago for the summer vacations all sad and depressed, mainly because I haven’t been doing very well in my studies and also because I really wanted to do a good summer internship but I didn’t manage to get any 🙁 then I got the chance to do a basic industrial training sort of thing in Delhi in a really good company for a month and I got excited and have now joined office last week. Its nothing special and it’s not like a real job but I’m still loving it coz I’m learning a lot and enjoying it 😀 and yes this is why I’ve been busy and unable to blog!

But anyway, I have quite some interesting product reviews all set to be posted 😀

About this post, well, just when I felt I was completely over glitter nail paints, Maybelline comes up with these gorgeous ‘Glitter Mania’ nail paints and they’re trending just about everywhere! Sigh! I had to go get atleast one and see what the hype is all about!


The range has 8 shades and here I am with my selection from this range that is Pink Champagne. These are reasonably priced at Rs.125 for 6ml. I feel the quantity is a little less as with glitter nail paints you tend to use more polish as they’re dense too. I noticed that after my mom, sister and I all had used this one time each this week, the bottle is already almost half from what I can estimate. But I don’t find it too much of a problem coz I hate repeating nail paints 😛 and very rarely reapply the same nail paint beyond 2 weeks unless it’s some classic crème pastel shade 😀

Pink champagne is a very very very pretty pink-silver shade. It’s a soft metallic pink with silver glitters, even small sequinish glitters. But the glitter is very subtle and elegant.

It has a kindof matte effect on drying, and also feels gritty, something like the Faces sand coats. But I really enjoy this kindof matte finish!

I’ve been wearing it to office this week and loving it! It’s completely wearable for semi-formal occasions/places too.

I also have a special reason for loving this shade so much, I have a saree, which is exactly the same color combination. It’s the most expensive piece of clothing I own 😛 and also the most beautiful, it’s a pink lace saree with silver sequins and stuff on it and I love it to the core <3 not that I’m planning to wear this nail paint together with the saree(it’ll be too matchy matchy :P) but this is the exact same shade and all and makes me love it more 😀


I found the application quite easy compared to other glitter polishes I’ve used. The polish isn’t too thick and has a good consistency, it goes on nicely. It also doesn’t take a long time to dry if you’ve applied thin coats. The glitter is very well distributed in the polish and you don’t have to struggle to get the glitter on your nails evenly.

This nail paint comes opaque with one coat itself but applying 2 coats makes it look prettier and dense and solid.

It remained perfect on my nails for about 4 days, with no chipping. But I guess with house work and all it might chip sooner.

As with all glitter polishes, removing them is tough, the glitter spreads around the nails too.  But that’s the pain we have to take for vanity, right ? 😉

I highly recommend you all to try these, they’re definitely worth the price 😀

I have quite a few glitter polishes but I too might get 1-2 more from this range as I don’t find good nail paints in this price range in US. 😛


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