BeautyfullJourney turned ‘2’!!




Hey everyone!!!!! I cant believe its been 2 years of blogging already! BeautyfullJourney just turned 2 years old on 23rd june 😀 yayyyy 🙂

I couldn’t celebrate on 23rd as I was on vacation. I went to Singapore and Bali with family, it was actually for a family friend’s birthday party and we didn’t actually sightsee or anything but it was a lot of fun and I loveeeed both the places 😀 I found Singapore better than US in terms of cleanliness, safety and development!! And Bali was awesome… it was 2 days of partying and wine and cocktails and heavenly beaches <3 I’m missing it already! But well, I got back last night full of energy now to live this difficult thing we call ‘life’ 😛 😀 I didn’t shop much, I just bought 2 bags, and a few shorts in Bali and I bought the TBS vitamin E sorbet from Singapore dutyfree, very excited to use that 😀 I also checked out the body sorbets, they are soooo awesome, I loved them, but I didn’t buy as I saw they’ve made an appearance on the US store now and I’ll definitely get them in some sale soon 😛

I felt bad I couldn’t do a giveaway of something to celebrate the 2md birthday with you guys but you know things have been tough lately, I’ll find another reason to treat you all soon 😀

It’s a been an awesome 2 years, you all have loved me so much and I really sometimes can’t believe I’ve survived so long on one hobby 😛 but I’m still as much in love with BeautyfullJourney as I was when I started out and I hope I continue it forever 😛

Keep reading what I write my friends and I promise I’ll get better 😀

Thank you everyone :*

P.S.Image from Google.

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