L’occitane Repairing Mask for dry and damaged hair Review.


I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner from this range last week. You can see that post here. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner since January.

I had read a lot about this mask and when I got samples of this with my shampoo purchases, I was very excited! Each sachet gave me 2-3 uses, I fell in love with it and I really wanted to get the full size mask!

I finally got it in April for $34 🙁 🙁 too expensive! Read on to see if it was worth it!

The packaging of this mask is gorgeous. It comes in a tinted plastic tub with an aluminium kindof screw on lid. The jar looks like it’s made of glass and looks very classy! Inside the hair mask comes sealed in a foil layer. The biggest con of this packaging is that you have to dip your fingers in each time to take out the product. And this is bad especially when I take out a small product in the shower and need to go back for more! But for the pretty jar, I’m ready to compromise 😛


The mask has the same fragrance as the shampoo and conditioner of this aromachologie range. It smells really good but everyone might not like it as it’s a herbal-y scent.

The texture of the mask is like a thick conditioner.  On my hair, it gets spread quite easily. After washing, I take out as much excess water from my hair as I can and then apply this mainly below the ear level and in the end I just let the remaining product on my hands go through the hair on the crown/top of my head. And I let it stay in my hair for 5-7 minutes, till I complete my bath and then I rinse it off. I use it directly after shampooing i.e. without using conditioner.

This mask hydrates my hair really well. It also gives my hair decent amount of volume. If I use more amount of mask than normal, then by the second day my hair does feel weighed down and starts getting greasy. But otherwise, my hair looks great even after the 3rd day with this mask. It also detangles my hair really well. And makes my hair very smooth!! This makes my hair feel and look amazing and it makes me forget the price I paid for this product 😛


The cream’s texture and fragrance are such that it makes me feel so luxurious 😛 it’s a true luxury hair product 😀

For one use, I only need a little product, so this jar will last me a really really long time!

Price: Rs. 2390 for 250ml in India and $34 for 6.7fl.oz. in US.

Its available in all L’Occitane stores and even on their online site here. Even some online stores like Nykaa, Flipkart have it. 

The ingredients list mentions that it does contain ‘cones’ :/ but except that, the other ingredients are naturally derived!



Overall, it is an excellent hair product. Although, for the given quantity, the cost doesn’t seem too bad but I feel there must be cheaper options available in the market.  If by the time I finish this jar, I do not find any other similar product at all (which doesn’t seem likely), only then I’ll repurchase this.

Rating – 9/10 (too expensive)

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