Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Experience |Influenster VoxBox Review.


Hey everyone!

Many of you would have heard about Influenster. It’s a website, which anyone can join, blogger or non-blogger. There you can write reviews of products and you get points for those. And you can sign up for getting an Influenster VoxBox. A VoxBox is a surprise box with free products. Absolutely free! Its not obligatory to review those products but if you do, then you get more points and a contest entry and that’s useful for getting more VoxBoxes in the future! (But I’m super late and I don’t think I’ll be getting any points now but still I want to share my experience with you guys :D)

You become eligible for a Vox Box according to your points on the Influenster site, I’m not exactly sure of how they choose someone for the VoxBox. But anyway, I became eligible and I got my first VoxBox in June!!!!! I was super excited! But I was in Delhi at that time and couldn’t get my hands on my box which was at my Chicago apartment.

My voxBox had the Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra. And now that I’ve got to try it as I got back to Chicago this weekend, I’m ready to share my thoughts about it!

My VoxBox contained these items –



The Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra, a measuring tape, water bottle and coupons.


And look at that adorable pink measuring tape!! 😛

And I have a major fetish for cute sippers and bottles so loving the bottle!!! 😀

The box also has a coupon for 25% off 🙁 but it expired on 9th june. I wish I could have availed the offer. I even missed their sale this time L

Its not often you love each and every thing you receive in the form of a surprise!

Influenster asks for all your details in your account so they already had my size.

Also, just before sending me the VoxBox they had sent me a survey so I guess based on that survey they chose the type of Sports Bra that is best for me!

I’ve tried cotton Sports Bras in the past but this was a very new experience.

The color is a fun yellow with grey lining.


It’s so so comfortable to wear! It provides great support which makes my gym time so much more comfortable. Even if I wear it for an evening walk, just some warm up exercises, this gives really good support.

It gives full coverage and very very good support!

Also, its padded everywhere, I mean, it has slight padding even on the straps, back and hem. So it feels really comfortable. Even after I’m sweating, I don’t feel itchy or uncomfortable with this!


I’m so glad that I got to try this out!!!! I’ve been getting serious with my workout since some time and this sports bra motivates me to work out regularly! I never believed that workout clothes can make a difference but now I’m so happy with this! And yes, I’m most probably going to get another 1-2 of these for regular workout! 🙂

I’m genuinely ditching my other workout bras for this one!!! #SportBraBreakup

The price of this is $49.50.

I highly recommend this to all of you. Definitely try this if you get the chance!!

Did you know Victoria’s Secret have finally opened their first store in Delhi, at IGI airport? I was so excited seeing it 😀 yayyy!!


P.S. This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

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  1. Oh I’ve been hoarding sport bras lately 😀 You are totally right about pretty and comfortable sportswear being a great motivator!
    This looks gorgeous. Wish VS was available in India

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