A truly sumptuous cleansing butter!


I have been a fan of The Body Shop since a long long time, regular readers on my blog would know my love and my hugeee collection of products from this brand!

My friends too are huge fans and we often joke about it that if we put together our collections, we have the whole body shop store among us :p It’s true haha! We really can’t help ourselves, they have amazing products and most of them are hits and just few would be a miss!

Today I’m talking about one such hit product.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review.

I purchased this randomly in one of the Buy 3 get 3 sales in their stores.

I have been using it for around a couple months on and off and you can see how much I have used till now. It will last me a very long time.

It is basically a wax-like cleanser. It comes in this flat tin, which is very easy to use. And the tin is of aluminum so it is very light to carry while travelling too. I personally have travelled with this many times recently and it is very convenient as there are no chances of any leak or spill.


I use it at night before sleeping to take off makeup, I sometimes even use it on days I did not use any makeup but was out the whole day, to take off all the dirt. I take a small amount, really small amount, like a pea-sized one and massage it directly on my whole face, without wetting the face. The heat of the fingers warms up the butter, which melts the makeup. The makeup gets dissolved in this process and comes off really easily. I then use the body shop’s muslin cloth, wet it with warm water and wipe my face clean with it, or follow up with a face wash.

Such cleansers can leave a residue on the skin and feel really oily. This one doesn’t make my skin oily at all, it leaves skin feeling moisturized but in very humid weather it can get a bit greasy. Even otherwise, I generally like to follow up with a mild cleanser to get a cleaner feeling.

It is also safe to use from the point of view of a contact lens wearer. It has never stung my eyes. It does give a cloudy feeling in eyes if it gets into them sometimes, but nothing that can’t be cleared with water.

In the pictures below, I used a waterproof liner, mascara and 2 really long-staying lip colors. You can see how the makeup breaks down with this cleanser and comes off completely.

PicMonkey Collage-1

With so many makeup removers or cleansers, I feel they rip off my skin’s oils and leave it feeling dry and stretchy, but this leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, as well as completely clean. Also, despite being a buttery texture, it doesn’t feel heavy on skin at all, or cause any acne or breakouts.

This scent, camomile, is very neutral and doesn’t really smell of anything particular, it is a simple, extremely mild floral scent, which can go completely unnoticed. There are 2 more products in this camomile range as far as I know, one is a watery eye makeup remover, I have that one too and not at all fond of it. There is also a cleansing oil in this range, which I guess will be great for super dry skin folks so if you guys try that, do let me know your experience!

Many brands are coming up with this butter makeup remover and I feel this is one of the most affordable and effective one. So may days when I’m too lazy to clean my face at night, I do it just because I love using this cleansing butter, I’m not even kidding, I love the idea of massaging it on my face and the clean and healthy skin feeling I get after it. I have recommended it to so many of my friends and they all love it too!

I definitely recommend this to you all and do do do give it a try guys, I’m sure you will love it!

This retails for $16 in US, you can often get it in Buy 3 Get 2 or Get 3 sales which makes it a great deal.  And it retails for Rs.1095 in India.

In my opinion, even the full price of this is worth it, there are many such cleansing products in the market which perform the same or slightly better at a much higher price. So, this is a great product.

Have you used this? And what is your favorite face cleanser? Do share in the comments below, I loveee reading comments by you guys!

Love you all,


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