An excellent oil for body, face, hair? Yes, please!


Till a few years back, I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be a huge fan of oils!  My skin used to be oily all the time, my hair used to be oily in a day after washing, and I would feel icky if I put oil on my body. But, now my skin is mostly dry and hair is super dry and frizzy, aah well, the perks of getting old * crying loudly *

So today, I want to talk about this amazing multi-purpose oil which I am in love with!


Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil review

I was in France a couple months back, for a short vacation, and I have heard so much about French pharmacies and their amazing skin care, that I just had to try stuff from there. I had not really planned or researched what to try and what not to, so I just went to the pharmacies and picked up random stuff which appealed to me at that time. This oil was one of those products.

It is targeted as an oil for body, face and hair. I haven’t used it on my body so far, so I will share my experience based on how I have used it.

For hair, I basically use it as a serum. After washing, I let my hair dry for some time, till the point where it is not wet, but not dry either. Its damp? Yeah, on damp hair, I just use a few drops and rub them on the ends of my hair. Once my hair dries, it feels super super soft and hydrated. I have seen so much improvement in my hair since I started using it like this. It also feels much more manageable, and less frizzy.

I also tried it once as a pre-wash oil. That was hydrating too, I don’t have any reasons but I prefer it to use it as a serum, I feel it gives my hair a really good shine, texture and it feels amazing.


For skin, I used it mostly in peak winters when my skin gets extremely dry. At night, after cleansing and toning, I used a few drops of this oil and just pressed it into my skin with my palms. It sinks into the skin instantly. It does not feel greasy at all, and even in the morning it leaves no residue at all, it makes my skin feel so comfortably moisturized and soft, I love it! Even for oily or combination skin, using this oil at night occasionally gives enough moisture to the skin to bring balance, especially if you use mattifying or drying products on your skin otherwise. Also, it did not break out my skin at all, or caused any kind of acne or anything!

I am someone who gets lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body so that is the only reason I haven’t used it as a body oil so far. I would love it if someone can give me a body massage with this. Haha

It contains 6 precious oils – Borage, St Johnswort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia. It has Vitamin E, and is free of Silicones and mineral oil. Yayy for that 😀

It has a floral sort of scent, nothing strong. It smells a little like jasmine to me.


I love the packaging too, it is a classy, sleek bottle, very easy to use too. Also, very very difficult to photograph, lol.

I definitely recommend giving this oil a try.

It was quite expensive in France, I don’t remember the price at all, and at that time I thought it isn’t available in US so I jumped at it and regretted not buying backups. But I am so glad to find out it is available here too, I have only seen Nuxe in target till now, don’t know where else its available.

You can buy it at Target for around USD 30. I feel that is a pretty decent price for this oil, also because it is a huge quantity, considering how less you really need to use.

Have you used any such oils for face or hair? Do leave me your suggestions to try in the future!

Love you all,


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