Want skin like angels?


I am a huge skincare product junkie. And most of the time I just can’t stick to a routine due to this exact reason that I love hoarding skin care.

And it’s extremely easy to tempt me with a new cleanser which will make face fresh all day or that moisturizer which balances my combination skin completely or that light and pretty serum that gives me glowing skin and also has anti-ageing stuff. Omg I need help :/

Now that you know my condition let’s move on to the latest addition to my collection, this cleanser/scrub from Lush.

Lush angels on bare skin Review


Lush is a store which literally looks like a candy store. With its bars of soaps and amazing fragrances. Yum!

And more often than not the sales assistants tempt you to buy something. So I bought this cleanser along with the Imperalis moisturizer on one of my recent trips to this wonder land.

Let’s see how it actually works.

It comes in a standard black Lush tub, it’s convenient to use. It’s a dry solid kindof product so no chances of leakage or anything.

Coming to the actual product, it’s basically a mild clay based, vegan scrub which is safe enough to use daily. Its exfoliation is from the almond granules.

These are the ingredients –


It smells really floral and mildly sweet.

I take a small pea sized amount in my palm and mix it with water which makes it into a milky paste. I find it a bit difficult to use as it’s not so easy to blend into a paste and then most of it falls of from my hand when I try to put it on my face. So it is a bit messy to use sometimes.


It doesn’t feel harsh on my face at all. I use it every alternate day. It does clean out excess oil and gunk from your face, but it is not the kind of cleanser that will clean out makeup too from your face. It leaves my face clean and feeling really soft. Also, it has natural oils from almond and lavender which helps in leaving my face feeling hydrated after using it, it doesn’t give any sort of dryness. But yes I do follow up with a moisturizer.

I feel, this is a good option for all skin types.

It is not a product to solve any skin issues, it claims to be a good cleanser and that’s what it is!

At $17 for this tub of 3.5oz, I find this to be one of the more affordable products from Lush.

Just a small amount is needed at once, so this will easily last more than 2 months, if used daily or alternatively.

It is quite like the ubtans or scrubs most Indians are familiar with and make it at their homes. I’ve grown up with my mom making scrubs with ground almonds/walnuts even lentils at times so this is very familiar to it.

But today we don’t spend time to make these ourselves, so this is a great natural, preservative-free product for regular use.


What is your favorite cleanser? Do share with me in the comments below, and this product junkie would love to give it a try!

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