5 things I emptied recently!


Hey everyone!

Don’t we all get immense immenseee satisfaction seeing empty products! I sure do 😀

so, sharing with you guys some products I emptied recently.

I also finished some basic products like body wash, lotion which I had already thrown away. So, I decided to show you all just 5 empties and also mini reviews on these!

Secret deodorant (Stress response)– this is my most favoriteeeeee deodorant of all time! I have tried a lot of deodrants – spray, stick, gel, solid whatever that is made in the market, and a lot from Secret too. But this one is the perfect one for me, perfect form – its solid but it is used by being pushed up from the holes in the dispenser. Many solids come in pure solid form where you apply the solid directly to the skin which I don’t like at all. They’re too dry or they catch dirt too fast. But this one is not too dry, applies really easily and stays on for long. This one is super strength, I want to try the normal one too next time. This smells heavenly too! Definite repurchase for me!

Vichy thermal water – I have a love- hate relationship with “face mists”. I often find them pretty useless, to be frank. But I guess, if used at a correct distance and when your face is feeling dull, these can really freshen you up. So, I do use them during the day, especially in summers. This one by Vichy, considering the not-so-affordable price, was just average, and there are much better ones in the market. I won’t be repurchasing this.

Philosophy Purity cleanser – I bought this one randomly as it was displayed near the Sephora checkout counter. It is quite expensive; it was for around $10 for this tiny bottle. But it’s quite a good cleanser. Its great specially for winters, as it cream based, and very very hydrating. I loved using it in winters.  I would probably think to repurchase it in winters but not now. That too unless I do not find anything comparable at a lesser price.

Kate Somervile Exfolikate – I got this sample size as one of the rewards from my Sephora card. It was such a tiny tube, I got around 5 uses out of it with a lot of difficulty. The full size one is quite pricey, so I like using these small sizes to judge the product whether it is worth buying the full size or not. This was quite a strong exfoliator. I do not generally use such strong ones, but it did not cause any breakout or anything. It is great for hotter months when skin gets really oily and dirty. I have heard amazing reviews for this but from this sample, I did not find it worth spending $85 for 2oz!!!

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo – Aah my love! This has taken up such a big place in my heart for the past 4-5 months. I bought it in France last year and used it quite sparingly. I have a full review of it coming up, I’ll link it here. I highly recommend this to you all and I would definitely repurchase this!

Reviewed here.

What products did you empty recently? Do share with me in the comments below, or you can also share links if you posted them online!

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9 thoughts on “5 things I emptied recently!

  1. I am using Vichy Thermal Water right now and yes it seems average to me too, but looking at your review of La Roche Posay Effaclar duo, it is on my wishlist now 🙂

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