Five Friday Favorites #13


Hey my loves! How’re you all doing today?

Raise your hand if you too have absolutely no idea where June went!

We have a long weekend with Monday being a holiday in US as its Independence Day. I’m with friends and planning to visit some fun places this weekend. I’m excited! Do you have any plans for the weekend?

I would love to know your plans? Do share with me in the comments!

I love bringing together 5 of my current favorites for you guys in such kindof posts.

So, these are my current favorites…


To sit outside with an iced latte in one hand and an interesting book on kindle on the other – aah, that is my idea of summer time heaven!  😀 I bought a Kindle around December last year and I’m in absolute love with it since then! I read a lot of books, and I often end up buying them, instead of borrowing from libraries, so I had built up a good collection and I was so happy about it. But only till I had to move into a new apartment and then I realized moving is such a big pain. I plan to move again so I’m keeping my possessions to a minimum now and that’s why I bought the kindle. I had zerooo expectations of even liking it, because I love the feeling(and smell <3 ) of books and the pages, but I fell in love with the Kindle. And no I’m not doing any advertisement here, haha! Comment below if you guys use kindle and how do you like it!

NYX butter gloss – Strawberry Parfait

I love wearing different lip colors all the time. But sometimes when just heading out to do some chores, or just for a stroll around the neighborhood, when I don’t feel like putting on anything special, I like wearing this simple lip gloss. It’s not even a lip gloss, it’s more like a slightly liquid-y lip balm. It has the lightest tint or gloss ever. It just makes my lips look very hydrated and very pretty!! I’ve been using this a lot lately and I love it! And did I mention it really tastes of strawberries, yummy!

Sunday Riley Luna oil

I recently got this small sized bottle of this facial oil. It’s a bestseller at Sephora and claims a lot of good things. Aaandd it is blue in color!! Yes, absolute ink-dye-blue! I find it really funny for some reason 😛 Haha. It’s a nice night time oil, without being too greasy. I haven’t used it enough to write a full on review for it though, plus because its like a hundred dollars, so umm..need to give a lot of thoughts before buying.

Bite lip mask

I don’t really know how this being a ‘lip mask’ is different from a regular lip balm. I just use it at night before sleeping, it’s very thick and in the morning my lips feel very moisturized. And its quite yummy too 😀

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy protein volumizing spray

This is another new product I’ve been using. It’s a hair spray, I use it on my damp hair and let my hair air dry. I am really enjoying using it, as it gives really subtle volume, it’s not something which gives wild airy volume, which is too hard to manage and also makes hair frizzy. This spray gives really good texture with the volume. It also gives a nice shine and healthy look. And also since it’s a protein spray, I’m really feeling my hair has become stronger with it. I’m using this along with a scalp treatment from the same range and together my hair feels stronger and healthier.

What are you loving currently? Do leave your favorites in the comments below!

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Have a lovely weekend guys!

Love you all,


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