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Hey everyone!

I recently went to Virginia to visit a friend for a couple of days, and we road tripped to Washington D.C. and Maryland which are all neighboring states. To travel with friends makes any place amazing and the time we had is just hard to put in words. But, I’ll try ! 😀


First day, we drove to Washington D.C. and visited the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and by the time we were done with taking a million pictures that it got dark before we could see the White House much.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument



Lincoln Memorial

Next day, we visited this gorgeous place, Georgetown. I am seriously in love with the pretty pretty cobblestone streets and the beautiful vintage style houses. It is actually a shopping street and all the stores are housed in the vintage style buildings which just gave the whole street a beautiful charm!

I wish I could live there and visit Georgetown everyday!


I wore this simple pink dress with tan flats, it just happened to go very well with the pretty place.


Georgetown is on the Washington Harbor, which has a lot of restaurants, bars and amazing views of the Potomac River! It was such a beautiful clear day, and we spent it kayaking on the river and then eating lunch on the waterfront.






Our clothes got wet there so I changed before heading on. I wore a plain chambray dress with canvas shoes.


(And yes, I got my hair cut very short!)

We ended the day with drinks at the patio of this restaurant called Tony and Joe’s. it was so much fun to just stroll along the waterfront and talk and laugh!

At Chesapeake Bay
At Chesapeake Bay

We were quite big on the water sports on this trip. So the next day, we headed to Chesapeake bay along the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland and rode on jet skis. I have never done it before and I was a little scared before starting, especially because the instructor casually mentioned about sharks.

But it was so much fun, and I could have driven around the jet ski all day long. The thrill of the speed and the water was amazing!

I kept my outfit simple with a casual tee and denim shorts. And we were mainly barefoot on the jet ski and the beaches 😀

Jet ski!
Jet ski!

But being in the ocean does make you very hungry. We wanted to have a nice beach evening so we found this beach which also had a camping site. Once we got inside, the beach was badly crowded and very dirty too.

So we drove around looking for another beach and found such a small and beautiful beach.


We had pizzas and beer on the beach and had an amazing time. We went really deep in the ocean and tried to swim there. We were waist deep in the Atlantic ocean. Haha it was a very fun day! I don’t have a lot of pictures for these last places.

On the last day, we spent a day at home in Virginia. We visited this restaurant for lunch called American Tandoor. If you ever visit Virginia, I highly recommend this place to everyone. It’s an Americanised Indian restaurant with probably one of the best Indian food I’ve had in USA.

American Tandoor
American Tandoor

Driving around in the evening, we came across this place called Great Falls. Amazingly vast and beautiful waterfalls, but so underrated and not at all commercialized. If we had more time, we would have loved to spend an entire day there, hiking and exploring the falls.

Great Falls
Great Falls

So, that’s it for my long weekend. I had such a good time, and we were so sad to leave and end the trip.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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Love you guys,


Outfit 1 – White top: Macy’s ; Jeans: Levis; Black tie up sandals: Wet Seal ; Crossbody bag: Vero Moda

Outfit 2 – Pink dress: Myntra; Tan flats: Forever 21; Sunglasses: Francesca’s

Outfit 3 – Chambray dress – Gap; Shoes – H&M

Outfit 4 – Top: Forever 21 ; White shrug: H&M; Denim shorts: Target

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