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I am so excited for today’s post! I have been dying to share this product with you all. I had written this review a while back but just wasn’t finalizing it to post it. I am finally sharing it when its already lived its last breaths. **sob sob** I even shared it in my empties! I had been literally squeezing out every drop from this tube 😀

I picked this up on my trip to France last October. I had heard so much about French skincare from their pharmacies, but I had not really thought or researched about what I should buy, so I picked up a few things which I had always heard a lot of hype about. I bought this moisturizer, a face wash came free with it, it was just something on offer at that time.


When I started using it, I had mild breakouts on my chin and cheeks area. I used it at night and the morning after the first use was like OMG! My breakouts had completely dried out, and were looking like how they look when they’re completely about to go away. It won’t work on heavy acne instantly, but it definitely helps in reducing it and over time it clears it completely.

Its texture is so light and refreshing, its absolutely a delight to put on! It gets absorbed into the skin very fast. It is also exfoliating in nature and it really gives a smoother finish to skin.

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Since it works on drying out the acne or pimples, it’s better not to use it all over the face as it can feel somewhat drying. I just use it as a spot treatment over any area I need it. If I do use it all over my face, I always follow up with another moisturizer. It has become my savior and I have become so dependent on it. As I even get a feeling that a breakout is on its way, I use it as a precaution and I’m good to go 😀

It is definitely something I am going to repurchase again and again! I highly recommend it to you all to try it! And if you do try it out, please share your experience with me

I don’t remember the price I bought it for, but its for around $36.95 on Ulta. Its also easily available on Target, Amazon.

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