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Red lipstick look


For the longest time, I was the girl who stays far far away from any kindof lipstick. Heck even lip glosses used to irritate me. Back then I could not even imagine that there would be a day when I would be so head over heels in love with red lipstick. Yes red, bright in your face red lipstick, Aah the beauty!

My first and all-time favorite red lipstick is the one I’m wearing for these pictures today. Its Ruby Woo by MAC. It’s a permanent collection item and you can get it anytime from the stores. It is beyond doubt the most beautiful red.

Image-14-2I really love how it looks on me. And I would be honest in saying it took me some time to truly understand how to carry bold lipsticks well.

So these are some things I would like to mention about getting your perfect red lip <3

Exfoliate – I can’t stress enough how important this step is to get the perfect lipstick application. Beginning with exfoliation gives such a clean smooth canvas for the lipstick. and this goes for all lipsticks. It takes off the tiny dead skin particles and makes your lips completely smooth. For this, you can use a lot of different things. I feel a homemade scrub works really well. Taking some lemon and coarse sugar – perfect! You can also use your toothbrush for light exfoliation.


There are also many lip scrubs in the market. I have previously tried one by Lush, which  was basically exactly what we can make at home with sugar. So save some money there and DIY!

The one I’m featuring today is one by Ole Henriksen. I have used it really less so far, as I recently got it. I was very intrigued by it as it doesn’t look like a scrub at all. It looks just like a regular lip balm. But it has the tiniestttt of granules and it gives a very good moisturized look to lips along with, what you can call, microdermabrasion. Its working great for me so far, I’ll share my long term experience too if it changes!

So ya, once you’re done with exfoliation, the next important thing is to moisturize. Now what happens is, if the lips are dry, the lipstick, especially matte lipsticks can get in all the tiny grooves of your dry/chapped lips and look patchy. If you’re using gloss or creamy lipstick, they too start looking a bit tacky if you put them on dry lips. So what I recommend is, to moisturize your lips really heavily at nighttime. I use Carmex for this as it heals my lips very well.

During day time I use lighter lip balms, especially in summer. When you’re doing your makeup, just moisturize lips well with a light lip balm and give it time to sink in before putting on lip color. I love using this clear lip balm by Jack Black for this. It even has SPF. Yay!

Another new addition I have is this tinted lip balm by Sugar. It’s the most gorgeous lip balm I’ve used in a long time, but yes its tinted although not too much to alter your lipstick color. I also love using this one by itself later on in the day when I am not re applying lipstick. It also has SPF!

So once your lip balm has sunk in and isn’t sitting on top of your lips, I start with my lipstick application.

And here I want to say that its important to select your correct lipstick finish. I personally love using matte texture, or slightly creamy finish. I am not fond of glossy lipsticks. So this depends on your choice and also what kindof look you’re aiming for. I prefer the chic matte look.

Also, another key to finding your perfect red shade is to experiment! You need to try a lot of red colors to get your perfect one. For lighter skin tones, blue undertones look great and darker skintones rock reds with warm orange/gold tones.

PicMonkey Collagenn

The last but most important thing for carrying off red is CONFIDENCE! I’m sure you have heard it a million times but it is true. I used to feel shy at first and hesitate a lot while wearing bold colors. It’s quite easy to wear it to parties, or at special events. But the day you wear it to the mall, or a casual lunch with your girl-friends with a tshirt and jeans, that’s when you’ve truly mastered the red lipstick look 😀

So head out and experiment with your lipstick 😀 and don’t forget your favorite looks with me, down below or on my social media. RSS Twitter Pinterest Facebook 


As I mentioned, the lipstick I have on my lips here is MAC Ruby Woo. Few other beautiful reds that I have in my collection are – NARS Cruella (a deeper warmer red) – I had it on here, MAC Relentlessly Red(more of a reddish pink, but I’ve noticed it looks quite different on everyone) its really pretty for day time too, Rimmel #111, Revlon Cherries in the Snow.

What is your favorite red lip color? Do share with me in the comments below or , I would love to try new shades!

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