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Peter Thomas Roth face masks

I love days when I can lounge with a cute movie on Netflix, some warm home cooked food and lots of laughter and fun with my best girl-friends. But that doesn’t sound complete without some face mask action, does it? 😀

This kit by Peter Thomas Roth is perfect for such days. You get 3 travel sized masks in this kit.

It has 3 masks that you can try before deciding to buy their full sized ones (which are quite expensive btw 😛 ).

Peter Thomas Roth face masksFirst one is the Cucumber Gel Mask – it’s a mask targeted for soothing and hydrating dry irritated skin. Which I think it does amazingly well. Its texture is like bouncy jelly. You can just massage it in, let it sink, or wipe it off lightly with a soft cloth. It doesn’t need to be washed off or anything. It feels so cool on the skin and it is also surprisingly really hydrating! It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft. I use it specially on days which are super hot (“weather-wise” what did you think?), I use it at night before sleeping and it really calms down my skin. Also, sometimes when I get my eyebrows done and if my skin feels inflamed, this helps a lot. I also love to use simple aloe vera gel for such occasions but this is really useful and is meant for this purpose, so it’s a nice addition to my mask stash.

Peter Thomas Roth - Cucumber | Irish Mud | 24k Gold
Cucumber Gel Mask | Irish Moor Mud Mask | 24 Karat Gold Mask

Second is the Irish Moor Mud purifying face mask – this is one of the most clarifying masks ever, and is also very different from any other such mask. It’s pitch black in color, as you can see. It’s a completely odorless mask, and is essentially gel based. Its texture is smooth and sort of creamy. It doesn’t tingle or sting your skin, so safe to say it would be good to use for even those with sensitive skin. Also, since its gel based, it doesn’t dry out like typical clarifying clay based masks do, it dries just a little bit and I wash it off after 10-15 minutes.

This is what it claims to deliver – “A purifying, decongesting, and hydrating mask with odorless Irish moor mud to draw out dirt, oil and impurities as it infuses skin with moisture and vitamins.”

Continuing with its unique-ness, this is a purifying mask which is also hydrating! It contains glycerin and I felt it left my face feeling very soft and hydrated. I found it worked great for my blackheads, and overall I felt my skin very very clean and fresh. My skin also felt brighter and much much less oily. I loved this mask. And it delivers everything it claims, quite expensive but a great find for all skin types. I can see myself purchasing its full-sized tub.

I love trying new clarifying masks, which one is your favorite, leave it down in the comments below or . I would love to try it out 😀

The last one is the 24 karat Gold mask – this is the main reason I bought this mask kit in the first place 😛 This one is marketed as “An ultimate luxurious antiaging treatment featuring 24K gold and colloidal gold.” I was so excited to try this out. Coz it’s just so pwettyyy, ain’t it? 😀 I don’t really have aging lines or wrinkles (yet!) but I feel its time I start using anti-aging stuff now so ya. This mask can be used as a normal mask or also can be kept overnight. I’ve used it just as a normal mask, I put on a thin layer and washed it off after about 10-20 minutes. It has a really sticky texture, which I’m not entirely fond of. So, it gets tacky while removing, so I take a muslin cloth and wipe it off. It is definitely quite smoothening on skin, and gives a glowy look (it better do that, it has gold in it :/) I really liked this one too, but I was expecting much more from it so I was a tad bit disappointed.  I’m not sure if I would buy the full-sized one, but I feel it’s definitely worth trying and I recommend you guys try out a small sized one and then see for yourself.

Overall, I am glad I bought this kit. It’s a great way to try out these masks, which are on quite on the higher-end and I probably woudn’t have picked up these masks individually. Peter Thomas Roth also has a pumpkin enzyme mask and a stem cell mask, which I really want to try!

Have you tried any of these? And what was your experience. Do let me know in the comments below.

This kit was a Sephora Exclusive item, and I don’t see it on their site anymore but you can buy the masks individually or with different combinations at Sephora or Peter Thomas Roth.

I bought this kit for $25. Each mask is 0.5 fl.oz. or approx. 15ml. Also a great option for gifting someone!

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