Wine Tasting Weekend | Outfit Post

We have been blessed with good weather in Chicago.What does that mean? Wine tasting! and some catching up  with friends. I recently fell in love with this skirt and I couldn’t wait to style it. It is a gorgeous olive green mesh maxi skirt with a linen short skirt inside.

I finally wore it last weekend to a Wine tasting event in the heart of Chicago downtown. It was a lovely evening with colors, flowers and delicious wine.

Wearing this skirt is so effortless. It is so comfortable to wear. I also love its button detailing at the front. You can even open or close the buttons and adjust the slit as how you want.

Poorva Bhatia | OOTD









I styled it with this casual denim shirt and added on a statement neckpiece. I loved the eclectic combination and the fact that it all went so well together.

After all, experimenting and building your own style is what fashion is all about. Isn’t it?

Denim shirt: Thrift store ; Olive skirt: Forever 21 ; Silver necklace: Forever 21; Flats: Wet Seal; Shades: Francesca’s ; Tan bag: Forever 21

I’m not endorsing Forever 21 you guys, I swear! It just happens to be one of my favorite places to shop.

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  1. Nassy Deval says:

    Oh I love the windy city, your denim shirt and your sunnies!!



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