Five Friday Favorites #14


Hey my loves!

I am back with another version of my FFFs. All month I look forward to bringing 5 things to you guys that I loved and would love for you guys to try as well. These also serve as mini reviews for some products.

So this post’s favorites are these –

DSC02535-1The first thing I am in absolute love with are these hangers. They’re non-slip hangers, they’re covered with a velvety cloth and look just gorgeous hanging in my closet. I bought them for really cheap at Target from what I remember. They come in a lot of colors and I’m keeping a sort of theme with these 2 colors.

Next is another non-beauty related favorite. Its this simple black wallet I bought recently from Kate Spade. It is so minimalistic with just card slots inside it and small thin pockets. It is so easy to carry in your bag or even just by itself. And the bow on top, oh my God gorgeous !!

Next up is Pixi Glow Tonic. I have used, loved and finished up a big bottle of this in the past. And I don’t know why I never repurchased it. So I found this tiny cute bottle of it recently and started using it again and I love it. It’s a lovely toner, its exfoliating in nature and does clear out the skin and give a healthy look. One of the best toners I have used.

Another favorite that I have used previously and loved is a stippling brush. I remember when I was new to makeup and hardly knew anything about makeup, a stippling brush was the first face brush I had bought. I always found stippling brushes extremely easy to use and at the same time they give such a wonderful finish. But again, no idea why, I haven’t used a stippling brush in the last couple of years, I guess I got involved in trying out the trendy sponges. But I purchased this one recently by Real Techniques and its such a perfect size and the bristles are lovely. This is the best face brush I have ever used and I highly highly recommend you guys to try it out for foundations or concealer or any cream products like blushes and contours. And it retails for around $8.


Last is something I have been using a lotttt recently. Its this anti-redness cream by IT Cosmetics. I am not sure if it’s a concealer or a skincare product. But how I use it is that I cover all redness and blemishes with this before adding on any other face products. Most days this is sufficient to give amazing flawless look. It retails for around $30 at Ulta.

So guys that’s it for my current favorites. Please don’t forget to share your favorites with me in the comments below, I love reading your comments.

Bye everyone:* Have a great weekend!

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