TIGI Bed Head Motor Mouth Review

Hey everyone!!

I’m someone who is very bad at doing new and unique hairstyles. I try and I try but my hair never sets into what I want it to. And I also don’t like putting in a ton of product into them to hold them into place. So I tried this hair product which is a Mega Volumizer with gloss.

First of all, let’s take a moment to talk about that bottle. Omg guys look at that cutie. I love it so much I could put it in a display case in my room haha


But it’s not just the bottle that’s good the product itself is super functional.

It gives me really good volume and keeps my hair in place. Oh oh and it smells super awesome, very fruity, like bananas or some toffee ?!!

My hair is much much less frizzy when I use this and has a nice subtle shine. I love its natural look and it’s perfect for everyday use too. For my relatively fine hair, it gives a thick look.

I’ve experienced that most styling products weigh down hair after some time but this is a really lightweight cream and keeps hair fresh. I apply this on my wet hair, and then I let it air dry sometimes but it gives the best finish when blow dried after it. As I have short hair I use just a little bit of it and it works great. My sister too tried it and she has really long hair and much more thick, wavy and curly than mine and she needed to use more product but it worked great for her too.

Alsoooo, this claims to glow under UV-light, I haven’t got the chance to try it so far, but how cool is that!!! So, you apply it to individual sections of hair, and it’ll give you glowing streaks, I’ll update this space when I try it out!

It retails for Rs. 2000 in India or $22.99 in USA.

Overall I really like using it and would definitely recommend you to try out. what’s your favorite hair styling product.

Product sent by brand for consideration. All opinions are my own and 200% honest.


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