European charm in America | Savannah + Charleston Travel Diaries

Hey everyone!

For all those who follow me on Instagram or snapchat (if you don’t, whaaaatttt!!! Go Instagram ) you would know I recently had a short trip during the Labor Day weekend.

I have a wonderful friend who lives in Savannah and I went to visit her. We also drove to Charleston from there for a day.

To begin with, I am in absolute loveeee with these southern cities. To anyone who lives there, please adopt me ? Haha

Such charming places, so much history and beauty at every corner. I’ve lived in big cities all my life and now I just yearn to live in a charming city like Charleston. Someday !

img_3460-1The first day when I landed in Savannah, we visited the Savannah river waterfront. They have such gorgeous local restaurants there , with amazing fresh seafood and bars which have speciality cocktails and frozen alcohol (Wet Willies).

IMG_3535-1.jpgI loved this candy store there. They make all their candy in the store and you can take a tour of the process as well.

Next day we headed to Charleston, which is a two hour drive from Savannah.

I had seen and loved pictures of the place before , and of the famous Rainbow Row. But in reality the place is even more beautiful. It just can’t be captured in pictures. It’s a beautiful historic place.




dsc02844-1I have more pictures of Rainbow Row coming in another post for you all. 😀

Back in Savannah the next day, we made a short trip to Tybee island. There we put up our beach chairs and just had a quiet relaxing evening until sunset.


FullSizeRender 30.jpgOther than these places, we spent our time strolling along the historic district at Savannah.

There are amazing parks where you can just spend entire day people watching and basking in the charm of the city.

Forsythe Park

Savannah is also supposed to have a lot of haunted places!

This is the famous house that’s covered on all haunted house tours!
The Tea Room

fullsizerender-31We also had an amazing experience at The Tea Room which is a family owned bookshop and tea shop. The owner was a lovely old lady with whom we spent couple hours just chatting about our lives and discussing tea.


img_3545-1Another fun place to visit – the chocolate bar – it’s vibe is of a club with great music and drinks. But they specialize in chocolates and desserts, hence the name.

Then there was the chocolate library. Completely ordinary from the outside – and inside is a library- where they sell (handmade) chocolates inside books !!

img_3528-1I also recommend visiting The South Soho Cafe and The Collins Quarters for brunch kind of meals. Loved the food at both of these !!


Other restaurants we ate at included Noodle Monk and Co, lovely Asian places. I loved their food and unique decor; Mellow Mushroom, a fun pizza place with really interesting pizza combinations.

Savannah is full of small businesses with local designers and restaurants. And they all are so unique and worth visiting.

It’s also home to SCAD which also contributes to the artistic style of the city.


FullSizeRender 29.jpg

So long, Savannah

For me, one weekend wasn’t enough to fill up on the charm of Savannah. I would definitely love to visit it again and explore more of the quaint little shops and corners.

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