#SneakerLove | Trend Update

Everyone and their mother is wearing sneakers currently. Well, yeah….img_4011-13

I am someone who has always loved wearing sneakers, I remember when I was a teenager most girls around me were starting to wear sandals, peep toes, pumps , platforms(remember how big they were in the 90s) , wedges etc I was still the girl who loved her sneakers.

And I was so excited to see them so much in trend since the last couple months.

I’ve been having a great time styling the ones I own. They look great with everything, be it jeans and shorts or skirts and dresses. And that doesn’t even come close to just how comfortable they are!

These are some pictures of my recent looks with sneakers.


Mine are the Adidas Originals.

And also few sneakers in the market which I’m eyeing to buy! *


Do share your favorite sneaker looks with me!


*Pictures from Google/Pinterest, no affiliate links

One Comment Add yours

  1. brandtravels says:

    Amazing! these sneakers go with everything and anything!


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