Ethnic outfits for Navratri Inspiration

Hey my loves :*

Navratri is my absolute favorite time of the year. There’s just so much  festivity, positivity and happiness in the air it’s amazing. I miss home the most during this time !! For those who don’t know, Navratri is an Indian festival period, it goes on for 9 days and each day the 9 forms of Godess Durga are worshipped. Many people fast during this time. It’s so much fun, everyone wears new bright clothes , there are so many celebrations, parties during navratri. Perfect excuse to get all dolled up and fancy!

Being in US, I’ve not celebrated much but I thought I’ll bring you 3 of my older Indian outfits to give you some inspiration for your style 😀


The first look is this simple red anarkali style suit. It’s very simple and easy to wear. it’s perfect for any pooja you might be attending or even at home! It has delicate embellishments around the neck with what you don’t  need any jewelry. It looks beautiful and the red just makes it more festive !


The second look is this black anarkali suit. This is more suitable for a party and with its big ghera like a skirt , I want to just wear it to a fun garba party and dance the night out !!img_7689img_7688

I paired both of these with nude high heels as they give added height to the look and look very sleek.


The last look is this gorgeous green lehenga. I wore it tied like a saree. I wore this last year on Diwali and loved it. It’s heavier than the previous too and has an even more festive, royal look. Perfect for bigger parties for Diwali !

I hope you liked these looks.  I’ll also share looks from this year. 🙂

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  1. Danielle says:

    Each one of your outfits is sooooo beautiful!!! Your holiday sounds lovely and the fact that you get to dress up for it is even better!!!


  2. Wow! Those are really pretty dresses! I like the black one! 🙂


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